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    Thetford N4000 C2 refrigerator - Winter vents!!

    I know this should be obvious and easy! I can’t find anywhere a pair of large grey winter vents for our fridge. The Thetford Europe site doesn’t even recognise their own models, Amazon has lots of the smaller fridge vents but not our model. Anyone had any success on finding these or any help...
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    Palma Majorca for Xmas

    Thanks everyone for all the help and comments, we have decided to go to Tenerife for the sunshine, have booked 10 days over Xmas and New Year in a lovely suite at Hotel Botanico in Puerto de la Cruz, should be a lovely relaxing break. thanks again Bill
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    Palma Majorca for Xmas

    Helen and I are thinking of Xmas abroad, flying, not with the camper. Fancy somewhere a bit warmer with lots to do. Anyone spent Xmas there, would you recommend it? Thanks
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    Apple Car Play to MB Sprinter

    Hi, we also have a 2021 Sprinter, in the dash top there are 2 usb-c points, you need a cable to join this to your iPhone, apple do their own though cheaper ones are available. When connected go to apps in the dashboard unit and select CarPlay. Really straightforward, works great, google maps and...
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    Why you should use Mick at SAP

    We have a 120litre water tank above the back axle, combined with the spare wheel and gas tank plus 2 electric bromptons in the boot, I really had a saggy rear end!
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    Why you should use Mick at SAP

    Jim , how do I copy this to the review section to save me having to retype everything? Any help gratefully received!
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    Why you should use Mick at SAP

    Sorry, bit of a long story. We had our Elara based on RWD Mercedes panel van in to Mick this week to get the full VB air suspension fitted to the rear, unfortunately Mercedes don’t allow change to the front suspension. It had been measured up when we had it in for the EP levellers and Mick had...
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    Lithium Batteries - Am I missing the point

    its 2 separate 100amp batteries, you can see one of the b2b at the front, the other is mounted at the back, to the left of the batteries. All very short cable runs and very neatly carried out by Roadpro.
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    Lithium Batteries - Am I missing the point

    Yes, we have 2 30amp votronic “doubled up” serving 200amp lithium, works a treat, 45 amps being pumped in this morning!
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    Which club would you recommend.

    We have been members of both clubs for over 20 years, have always found the wardens to be friendly and helpful, really haven’t experienced the problems and hassles some members here have had. Particularly like their city/town sites, we use Chertsey and Abbey Wood in London to visit family...
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    Why can’t I have same set up in a caravan

    No reason at all, last time I was in at Roadpro they were installing lithium, solar, inverter, new charger into a twin axle caravan.
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    Alko full air suspension!

    Had full air on my previous van, VB fitted by SAP, absolutely fabulous! Would have same again but Mercedes only allow full rear air, being fitted in 3 weeks again by Mick. Expensive but worth it.
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    Flying from Canada through Heathrow to Edinburgh - COVID day 2 PCR test

    Hoping a fellow Scottish member can advise me please! We are flying out this Friday to Montreal (on basis Canada opens border on Tuesday) to see our family from Boston, they are going to drive up, great excitement as we haven’t seen them in a year and we have a new granddaughter! Think we have...
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    VB comfort semi air or full rear air?

    We also have E&P levellers fitted, so the rear air will work with them, either automatically or with a bit of manual intervention. When they were fitted the guys mentioned that it really needed rear air given rear weight, spare wheel and underslung gas tank are also quite rear fitted, we are...
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    VB comfort semi air or full rear air?

    Hi, we have the 7m lwb sprinter and have chosen to go for the full air, booked into SAP at beginning of Oct. Our water tank is inside near the rear axle and we carry 2 folding Bromptons in the rear boot so like the fact that it will always be at the “right”height. We had full air on our previous...