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    Rally Stratford Upon Avon Show

    Having been in touch with Sara, I will now be arriving on the 29th for 6 nights. Fingers crossed.šŸ
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    Anyone want to see a picture of me !

    My mh isn't posh, smart or awesome, it's not young or modern either, my last one was ancient, no, it's a bit like me and has blotches and signs of wear, so either is not my choice of Avatar, saying that the dog on mine is Rosie and she's 6 now so maybe I should update it, I will give it serious...
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    Using your van on the drive... is it me?

    Me and the dogs are motorhoming every day, after chores it's a lovely walk, (if not too hot) then it's van time, dogs sleep I read or whatever, then a bbq, my friend says I'm a saddo, nahh, - am i. ???
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    Rally Stratford Upon Avon Show

    On reading that back it's confusing, the event is closed but as yet not the camping.??
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    Rally Stratford Upon Avon Show

    I feel sure Jim's on it. In my village this weekend there's an open air country music event, all seats are at the correct isolation distance and there's full approval from the police. I don't think Stratford show/races is going ahead though, I also enquired ages ago to the booking office and got...
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    Rally Norden Farm May 2020 Meet - Postponed Until May 2021

    Thanks Karen, look forward to it.
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    Rally Stratford Upon Avon Show

    Well chuffed, see you on the 22nd.??
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    Breakdown Cover

    Have been with Auto Aid for Many years, they use local garages to breakdown, this cuts down considerably on having to wait for help, your covered for as many vehicles as you own, renewal this year I think is Ā£60. All inc. Top breakdown vote by Martin Lewis.
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    It was a statement that only a woman could make.

    Toys for boys springs to mind ?
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    Book and take the risk

    My son well pis... off as he can't race this year.
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    What have I done??? Hello all by the way.

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    Today’s Bake?

    It should have read Double Tree, I've never made them before, the recipe turned up on aol news, apparently a popular cookie for the americans, they're ok but I doubt I will cook them again, but it was a good boredom beater!
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    Today’s Bake?

    These are Double Free Cookies, an American recipe I took off the internet, it made a change and they contain chocolate chips and walnuts.
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    Oops, ignore this sorry?

    It's simple, just ignore it.