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    London sites

    For us, definitely Abbey Wood.
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    We used campsite at Villafranca de Cordoba. Ten minutes walk into village and catch bus to Cordoba. Good friendly site
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    Lenny's Looking for Some Sunshine

    I was going to suggest that after getting so much stick for my Pirelli’s…
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    Roof bars for a fiat ducato on panel van… please help

    No problem with the FIAT fixing studs, I was referring to the FIAMMA rails that the OP is looking to attach to. I also have a 65s on the studs and would not expect a problem, it's what they are there for after all. The FIAMMA rails are not fixed to the Fiat roof studs.
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    Roof bars for a fiat ducato on panel van… please help

    I woudn't trust those FIAMMA side rails to hold anything unless you know exactly how they have been fitted. You could use the Fiat factory fitted points with a THULE smartclamp system, but still a possible problem if an awning is fitted (unless it's a THULE awning), and you would have to remove...
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    Roof bars for a fiat ducato on panel van… please help

    Spot on comment. You can see the fitting points referred to above in your pic, and you will get a secure fixing if you use them. Problem will be if you have an awning it has probably used these fixings on one side already.
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    Roof bars for a fiat ducato on panel van… please help

    Your rails are made by FIAMMA. I had the same and have just removed them and they were held on by a few rusting self tappers , so I would check how yours are fitted before expecting them to hold anything on the roof.
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    Cable routing for B2B - Ducato PVC

    There is a built in cable run side to side in the Ducato cab floor. Access by removing the door step covers and you will see it.
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    Unlimited data sim

    I think this is capped....
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    Unlimited data sim

    I think the Smarty sims are capped at 12gb in EU....
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    Air suspension

    As it was one of the cheaper kits I just wondered what you got for your money. I guess from your response perhaps they are not isolated side to side which will be reflected in the price of the kit.
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    Air suspension

    Are the bags isolated, side to side?
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    B2B victron in Adria

    I did, brutal but effective!
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    Tilting solar panels

    Great results!
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    PVC roof rack

    I would think Thule have everything you need...