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  • What an amazing service thank you both so much for sorting out our user issues especially Anthony who managed to talk me through the steps simply and patiently. I have one very happy husband now!! Great service thank you so much. Julie & Dean
    Hello Anthony, Can i paint spray my Oyster V dish matt black or satin black? Kind Regards Richard
    Anthony OysterTech
    Anthony OysterTech
    Hi, As long as it's non metallic paint you can paint it what ever colour you wish.
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    It is a 85com twin LNB system and has a Vision V5 control panel. i have programmed in by the installers Astra 1 and 2, Hotbird and Intelsat 907
    Hi Anthony. Hoping you can help. I am in Spain near Tarifa. I have a Oyster Vision III with a Bush Freesat box. I have been unable to lock on to anything in Portugal or Spain. It has 4 satelittes. It says Satelitte connection unstable. Is there anything you can suggest. Thanks in advance
    Hi Anthony, I’m hoping you might be able to advise me. I recently saw a post you made about upgrading the LNB on an Oyster II 85 to enable connection to a Sky Q box. Is this is something I can do myself or does it require specialist equipment/knowledge ?
    Hi Anthony I have recently aquired my motor home with an Oyster II system fitted. All was well till one day it stopped working. So I looked at display ant had a message saying that the !!X motor is blocked!! Can you explain what this means
    hi Anthony had a 85cm diish with autoskew fitted by S and G in may been working perfectly down near Gibraltar for some reason the Dish won;t do anything but the LMB is turning and twisting as normal you can lift the dish up and down as if it;s not connected to anything even the wind is lifting the dish when it is in the down position any suggestions please
    Hi Anthony,
    Tried to update Oyster Vision III HW V4.0 FW 3.02A1 with 13.02.2018 via SD. Update started but loud ticking noise from dish. Interrupted the update. Powered off at the fuse. System now in an endless boot loop. Update fails - unable to connect to device, no update possible.

    Please can you help me?
    Anthony OysterTech
    Anthony OysterTech
    Good morning Mr Hemming,

    Sorry for not getting back to you on here but I rarely look at my wall. If you need me in the future on here then it's best to PM me.
    Hi Anthony, please could you advise me of how to change the Wi-fi channel on my Oyster V system? I can’t connect using the ten Haaft app whilst away on sites. I’m told it’s just a case of changing the channel but I’m not sure how to do it. Many thanks Chris
    Just wanted to thank Anthony for all his help in getting our Oyster Vision III satellite dish up and running again today - excellent service from everyone we spoke to!
    Evening Anthony. I recently had a Oyster vision 3 installed to our van it was set up for sky at the installers, but our tv was an old one without a sat receiver. I now have a cello which I tried to get working on the 12 volt. The tv is working , however. The satellite says Astra 2 but the tv won’t find the channels on a search ? Sorry to sound dumb but can you help please ?
    Good morning Mark, Sorry for the late reply it's just been a very busy week. Unfortunately we currently have no solution for Sky Q.
    hi, i have a oyster 85 auto skew what lnb do i need for my sky q to work and where can i get one,
    i have a sky q lnb but it will not fit.
    regards mark
    Hi Anthony, I have just joined and saw your name online - can we ask you questions about Oystervision stuff here? cheers Baz
    Anthony OysterTech
    Anthony OysterTech
    Hi Baz, You can ask questions but unfortunately I am on holiday now until the 9th of July. We do have another technician working here who can answer questions so if you require assistance please email and my colleague Pat will assist.
    Good evening Anthony,
    I was not expecting such commendable service - thank you very much.
    My receiver has 2 scary sockets and is black.
    I shall return it to your offices. Please email me the address and how you would like me to pay, ie. Card, transfer etc.?
    My email is
    Is there any possibility of exchanging my unit for a more up to date model?

    Thanks again

    Don Ellis
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