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    Windscreen seal leaking

    That’s why you hit it with a hammer first, then you only pay the excess 👍🏻
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    Windscreen seal leaking

    Do you have windscreen cover on your insurance? Get Autoglass to remove screen replace rubber and re insert original or new screen . ( just hit it with hammer and get new screen normally small excess)
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    what size gas bottles?

    made this little table for my reference might help. Gas Bottles Calor 13kg 580mm high 315mm diameter 6kg 495mm high 256 diameter Gasit 11kg 550mm high x 304mm diameter. (Shroud removed) 6kg 470mm high x 246mm diameter. (Shroud removed) Gaslow 11kg 580mm high x 304mm diameter 6kg 492mm high x...
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    Electrical help please

    Had you brought it in from the cold? seems like something (damp and dirt) caused the tracks to arc and burn then the fuse blew. I would clean the area, change the fuse then clean the track around the damage and apply some solid wire to beef it up. then stand well back and try again.
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    AClass Mobilvetta anyone?

    Get the 4.4 tonne chassis and payload is sorted. We love ours. Article in latest MMM magazine based on the 85.
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    Grinding Noise

    Or brake disks worn to backing,
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    Trauma i net app

    Best thing for me is the fact that if you store with electric hookup or keep at home with the heating set very low on mains as soon as the hook up is removed you gat a text, great extra price of security.
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    Fiat Ducato Service in Surrey

    I used HTC near Heathrow for my recall work and they did it while I waited (turbo pipe), I rang Fiat assist as no listed fiat professional garage would deal with me but HTC was recommended and they did a fine job. Not needed any service work yet as only 10 months old.
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    Safefill v Gaslow

    Just surmising but if you fit a T piece and a valve before the regulator so it can be isolated you can then fit an external filler no problem??? Would have to find out what thread the fitting are. Cheers Andy
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    Air suspension gauges

    A bit late in this thread but Tyrepal sensors will work just from the shaking as soon as you move off. They do not need to rotate. I had one fitted to a spare wheel and it reported just fine.
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    LPG fill point where? Not a inside or outside question.

    I plan this in the new year, I will be fitting filler in the gas locker and see how I get on. Can always move it into the skirt at a later date if I have any problems and will be easier to move to another van in the future.
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    Yes agree OS related.
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    As I keep any emails that I think might have some value, I had a look and as stated the username and password are sent from Metatrak BUT the first thing you have to do is change the password to your own.
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    Oven and grill accessories rattle

    another vote for tea towels.
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    app was updated, password used when app installed and first setup required but as already stated if you don't know it your stuffed..