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    Roof Mounted 4/5G doofer

    Just to clarify the situation on SIM's in case it is of use to anyone; You are sort of right with regards to traffic management (see next quote / reply) but O2 Travel is for use outside of Europe: Stay connected on your travels with...
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    Best 4g plus mobile WiFi please.

    The E5577 has a 'wifi extender mode' common to many Huawei portable devices - however it's not really extending anything, mearly repeating it. It's a generation newer than the E5785 and while the E5785 supports Carrier Aggregation you are only really going to benefit from this as a contract SIM...
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    Mifi is it worth it ?

    The additional speed of the E5785 is achieved through something called Carrier Aggrigation. For you to benefit from this you would have to be; 1.) Close enough to a cellular tower to recieve its long range and short range signals, if indeed it has more than one output and/or you can recieve it...
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    Mobile WiFi, which one to buy

    I've just replied to your e-mail from 8pm Sunday night, about 4 hours into Monday morning. Three isn't exactly the 'best' network, EE and Vodafone have supior coverage but do cost more for that reason. We include a Smarty (Three) SIM because it's better to start at the cheaper end to see if...
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    Mobile WiFi, which one to buy

    I declined, in the most polite and light hearted way possible, to provide a 'technical comparison' between our products and these two on Amazon / eBay neither of which have any specification sheets on which to form a comparison:
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    How to set up a camera in the motorhome to see the dog when we are not there.

    I wrote about this in the January edition of Motorhome Fun Magazine, under 'Smart Home, Smart Motorhome':
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    Data bundles at the monent?

    I originally posted speculatively about the Superdrug tariff on a previous thread, that I had contacted them and they had confirmed there were no EU limits. I would however urge caution because Superdrug Mobile is built on the Smarty MVNO platform and I would be very surprised if Three's 20GB...
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    WiFi Dongle Warning?

    I think the key thing to consider with that power supply is it won't actually prevent overcharging since the management of charge/discharge of the battery is handled by the Huwaei device not the external power supply. When the Huawei device is powered on, it will be drawing a current from the...
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    data abroad

    The Vodafone Unlimited SIM is limited to 25GB in Europe, VOXI (Vodafone PAYG) offers 45GB for £20 on a PAYG basis and like Vodafone's fixed data SIM's you can use all 45GB abroad.
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    Hi Dave, drop an e-mail to or call us on 0113 815 1120 and I'd be happy...

    Hi Dave, drop an e-mail to or call us on 0113 815 1120 and I'd be happy to help.
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    data abroad

    The Vodafone MiFi (or any MiFi) wouldn't work abroad until you logged into the router's interface using either the details printed under the battery or via the Huawei HiLink app and 'turned on' its ability to work abroad via roaming. Check out Smarty (Three) - they offer a plan where you can...
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    WiFi Dongle Warning?

    Hi Malcolm, If this device had been supplied by us send me an e-mail with its IMEI number and I'll send you a replacement battery out free of charge. I hadn't assumed that we had, usually, a customer would contact us directly, but you indicated on another thread that you are an iBoost and 5G...
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    Help with Huawei 5577C please

    With regards to the username/password this confirmed on a sticker on the underside of the unit behind battery, this is usually admin for the username and admin for the password. Do check this, as some previously network locked devices are supplied with a different combination. The first time...
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    WiFi Dongle Warning?

    I wouldn't say it was a known problem for Huawei, in the many thousands of Huawei units we've sold I've only seen it happen a couple of times. By contrast, this was a regular occurrence with Netgear devices, and one of the reasons we discontinued them alongside their disintegrating SIM card...
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    Using a UK SIM abroad for extended periods

    In my experience (several hundred Vodafone activations for our customers) I'm not aware of any customer who has been cut off for extended use abroad on any of the 50GB/100GB/115GB SIM's we've offered. Some customers have had 4-5 SIM's per family all hitting their data caps each month! Vodafone...