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    Census 2021 - Fun fun fun!!!

    Just completed my Census and what a fun-filled and enthralling 30 minutes I had filling it all ino_O. I wonder what they will now do with all of this information?? Factual and/or conspiracy theorists :rolleyes: may wish to respond!
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    Maxxair Maxfan

    I installed one a couple of years ago and it has been really good. However unless you have splashed out on the internal frame kit (too expensive for me) it does loose a lot of heat in the winter. To combat this I removed the fly screen (4 clips) and had a piece of thick fabric covering the...
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    Relocating to a Schengen country

    I am also looking for a place to buy/rent in Spain and hopefully after I have my second COVID-19 injection on 11 Jun (already booked through the NHS website), I will take a trip to Spain to find my 'forever house'. As background information to moving to an EU country Post BREXIT, I watched the...
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    COVID-19 Loss of Smell and Taste

    I am the same - for me, most things smell like petrol, even perfume! From what happened to you I am looking forward to my first jab - hopefully it will be in the matter of a few days/weeks as I have just entered the next phase of the injections. 'Slowly but surely' is my manta! Thanks for the...
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    COVID-19 Loss of Smell and Taste

    Afternoon all, Just after some advice or helpful comments. I suffered from COVID-19 back in Sep, didn't have a particularly good time of it and was bed-ridden for two weeks (which I can't remember too much about) and house-bound for another 8. Although my doctor was concerned, she didn't...
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    Here’s the new official French guidelines blind spot stickers

    I will try and buy/make a magnetic backed sign and only display them while driving through France. As soon as I leave their country (and I only usually transit through) I will remove them immediately. They only cost £2.45 each on eBay for the sticker and I am sure the magnetic backing will only...
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    Stunning £220,000 hig-tech British motorhome!

    A very nice MH and looks well put together. Didn't mention/see a dining table in the lounge area! or do you eat your meals on your lap while watching TV and suffering from neck ache! 7 Ton though - a bit heavy. I'll keep to my 3.5T Arto.
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    N+B New iSMOVE - 3.5t this is the one.

    There are quite a few similarities on the iSmove to my 2005 Arto 69GL, which for all of its practicalities would be difficult to beat - but I think this iSmove may beat it. Only owner reviews will prove how practical it is, but if N&B keep the quality and attention to detail the same, then I am...
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    Premium "german" brands?

    I have hired a few camper vans over the years and have also owned one since 2005. I have always looked for quality over quantity - you can buy what seems like a great bargain, lots of bells and whistles and looks great at first glance, however a lot of these vans may use lower quality products...
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    Solar Display Yes or No

    Just reading your thread and I thought I would give you my thoughts - I have a portable double solar panel and have just paired that with a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 75/15 from Amazon. This also has a Bluethtooth connection and there is a myriad of information for all to enjoy. Extremely happy...
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    EasyTop Air Suspension?

    Hi all, newbie here. Is there a great advantage on fitting air suspension? I have a 2005 N&B Arto on a Ducato chassis but with an Al-Ko Suspension. Should I invest a lot of money for the conversion?