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    May Bank Holiday Weekend

    :Smile: so are we, see you all soon :thumb: I'm afraid it already is a rally (with another group though) Whatever you're up to, enjoy the weekend :BigGrin:
  2. A and K

    Our New Rig

    :thumb: What a beauty. I bet you and Jan are really pleased. Enjoy your first trip out :BigGrin:
  3. A and K

    Broken wheel stud

    :coolthumb: Great news. All up and running for Parc Verger now then :clap::yeah:
  4. A and K

    Introducing ourselves!!

    Hi Dave and Shelly, :welcome: to the Fun site
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    Hello Everyone

    :thumb:Hi cherok,Welcome to fun, I bet you're really excited about your new purchase :BigGrin: Enjoy your weekend, it will be a good trial run for your 3 week jaunt in France which I'm sure you'll just love :yeah:
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    Hello from Patsy4 and Neil in Greece

    Welcome home :Smile: We have really enjoyed reading about your travels through Greece :thumb: Great photos too!
  7. A and K

    message to Jim

    Jim, You have a pm :thumb: (on behalf of blisters)
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    What genny to buy?

    We also have the Kipor IG2000 :thumb:
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    Bicycle racks - covers for the bikes.

    It's a case of "each to their own" :Smile: We prefer to cover them, just the same as when we take our scooter, we also cover that. From past experience, it doesn't take long once constantly exposed to the elements for the rust to set in. We feel cycles and also scooters are too expensive to neglect.
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    Bicycle racks - covers for the bikes.

    Hi billkce, We have 2 folding bikes that we also put on the Fiamma cycle rack.We purchased the plastic cycle cover- rubbish, it ripped to pieces the first time on, flapping all over. So after much research and a few recommendations we purchased a cycle cover from Taylormade (the company that...
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    Funsters in USA some photos

    Hi Ror and Jan, Great photo's :thumb: Glad you're having a good time, we're really envious !! Keep posting more info and photo's :Smile:
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    so where did you motorhome this weekend?

    We have had a great weekend :thumb: We spent Saturday and Sunday at Whitby and drove home today via an afternoon visit to Bridlington :Smile:
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    Over Night Stopovers

    :thumb: Done
  14. A and K

    just back from our first rally at newark

    Hi Paul, It was nice to meet you too, especially another Nottinghamshire member :thumb:
  15. A and K

    Waiting for you at Newark

    :thumb: Sounds like we have a good spot, see you all tomorrow night :BigGrin: