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  1. Chris51
    Chris51 Mike Kiff
    Is tv still for sale?If so how much postage to Staffs area ?
  2. Chris51
    Chris51 Mike Kiff
    Is Avtec tv still for sale-if so how much is postage to Staffs area ?
  3. JamesJohnsCross
    Every Day Is A Holiday!
  4. David Foster-Smith
    David Foster-Smith
    Sporadic motorhomer and travelling singer songwriter
  5. Bertie2017
    Ready for the next Adventure
  6. Electric dreams
    Electric dreams manda3000gt
    Hello Dave we on it in York
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    2. manda3000gt
      We are at Cuckney cricket club on a rally
      Feb 16, 2019 at 8:33 PM
  7. Poutie57
    Just spent 6 weeks in a mtr. Of snow
  8. Kev and Carolyn
    Kev and Carolyn freelanderuk
    Sorry to trouble you you still advise on motorhome values at all please?

  9. Mister Benn
    Mister Benn FatNav
    Hiya Paul it was good meeting you all at Torrox. Sorry i didn't meet up with you all at Paseo Maritime. Did you manage to find somewhere to service all the vans ok? All the best, Ben
  10. Hamish the highland hymer
  11. Gordonreid944
    Hello all. Advice needed autotrail or swift currently going between both autotrail being tracker lb(island bed or swift being bessacarr 574
  12. PAT N PAUL
    PAT N PAUL Emmit
    Hello you two hope you are both well, new site name changed to pat n Paul.
    Have a nice holiday
    Love pat n Paul xx
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  13. Nick Barrington
    Nick Barrington Anthony OysterTech
    Hi Anthony, I’m hoping you might be able to advise me. I recently saw a post you made about upgrading the LNB on an Oyster II 85 to enable connection to a Sky Q box. Is this is something I can do myself or does it require specialist equipment/knowledge ?
  14. Kath bracken
    Kath bracken
    In the process of purchasing & wanted to know the in & out of where to stay amenaties etc , oh also fees
  15. Aeirat
    Waiting anxiously for our new campervan to be ready
  16. berlingo1
  17. Teasy2007
    Teasy2007 Neckender
    Hi John, have you any idea where the water pump is on our Globecar Campscout? We have looked in all the obvious places, and some not so, but cant find it anywhere.
  18. Vuba Supplies
    Vuba Supplies
  19. Petjanjess
    Petjanjess pwilmo
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    2. pwilmo
      Many thanks Peter
      I've just had a look and saved the download address to favourites, may have a play with it tomorrow
      Once again Thanks
      Feb 12, 2019 at 8:56 PM
  20. garjanco
    Trundling around in a Hymer Exis 678
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