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  1. Chellj
  2. Coroda
    Coroda Dave parse
    Hi Dave did you manage to track down a tow bar for your 85?
    I’m in the exact same boat, looking for someone local South East to supply and fit for our 85.
  3. pagey
    you dont know what you dont know til somebody tells you
  4. oldenstar1
  5. DrJ
  6. Paul and Val
    Paul and Val
    For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.
  7. TeamHGR
    Learning as we go!
  8. Chausson 711 L'amor
    Chausson 711 L'amor
    about to embark on a journey
  9. Brian and Deborah
    Brian and Deborah
    Not woken up yet
  10. Christine Short
    Christine Short meanders
    Hi, this is Christine Short re Shrewsbury New Year. Thank you for your email today saying you had offered me a place on Oct 13th. I had not seen it but very much want to come and hope Ihave not missed out. My name is Christine Short and there is just one of me and 3 small dogs who are well used to camping at the Showground having been there 6 times this year alone. How do I pay please?
  11. Happy 41
    Happy 41
    Still separated possible devorce
  12. charliesgrandad
    Baza Auto Trail Comanche
  13. charliesgrandad
    Baza Auto Trail Comanche
  14. charliesgrandad
    Auto Trail Comanche 2010
  15. charliesgrandad
  16. Paul1111
    Hi Paul and Anne newbies
  17. Twoclots
    Booked for Snowdonia for two weeks at the end of November, can't wait.
  18. NickB
    NickB Gizmouk
    Hi Gizmouk, yes please, there are two ways to do most things the right way and the **** way.
    Thank you very much.
  19. VanLee
    I Subscribed..... Even without a MH !
  20. SUGGY
    SUGGY cliffandger
    Hi .what dates are you looking at .were thinking 5 Dec to 15 Jan
    1. cliffandger likes this.
    2. cliffandger
      Hi Graham. We’re thinking 15th Jan to 27th Feb
      Oct 30, 2018
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