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  1. Old Rascal
    Old Rascal
    Home is where you park it.
  2. goldwinger
    goldwinger Wedgy
    Patrick we have booked much appreciated
    1. Wedgy likes this.
  3. fredastaire
    fredastaire Mikeco
    Im trying to figure out how to contact you and see if you still have the Boxer armrests? kind regards Fred
  4. Roger Murphy
    Roger Murphy
    Is this how to send a message out there
  5. Toskananomad
    Thanks for letting me join you Funsters
  6. Techno
    Techno gillnphil
    Great to meet you again Phil. Can't stop eating that damn cheese!! gorgeous Thanks :-)
    Andy & Jacs
    1. gillnphil
      Good to meet you two too. The cheese certainly is gorgeous. Phil and Gill
      Aug 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM
  7. Okeyjon
    Anyone have any idea what activities are being held along the Moselle in the next three weeks. Near Cocham.
  8. Midland Nomads
    Midland Nomads
    Like wise just worked out who you are as I didn’t get your forum name but your wife told us hers
  9. ShiftZZ
  10. Jerry Davis
    Jerry Davis
    Almost retired and enjoying using our van over summer months.
  11. jimothy
    hip hip hooray, it's a new moho pick up day!
  12. Madcaravanner
    Ready for Malvern except need a bank loan for the diesel ROFLH
  13. Billymac
    Married to Bev, have 3 kids all professionals, hoping to visit and enjoy many previous places I've not had time to discover
  14. Outnabout2005
    New Bailey 79-4 countdown running - 3 weeks to go!
  15. Philip66
    The good vans just keep on rollin!
  16. Okeyjon
    Where do I find Jim
    1. Okeyjon
      Thanks Jim, wherever you are, I am an Adria owner ( some one has to be) just off on a trip to the Moselle, has anyone got the co-ordinates for the stellplatze in Reil.
      Aug 11, 2018 at 7:44 PM
  17. Bre
  18. Cormac
  19. Dave Ht
  20. Karina
    MH Wannabe - currently tugging
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