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How do I change my email address

You can easily change your email address, however your access here will be restricted until you have confirmed it (responded to the email we send to you)

Follow the simple pictorial guide below:





What is My Personal Details Page?

Your Personal Details Pages tells everyone a little about you, your hobbies, interests. Some details are required, but most of it you can please yourself whether you share or not. You can also have a Status Message, you can leave this blank or change it twice a day, its up to you. Your Personal Details Page is here

What is my Profile Page?

What is the Profile page?
Every member has a publicly viewable profile page. This page includes information provided by the member, either during the registration process or later on via the account pages.

Whenever you see a member's name, clicking on it will usually show a pop-up panel showing their details in brief. From here you can view their public profile by clicking the link called "Profile Page".

What's on the Profile page?
The public profile lists information about the member under various tabs such as recent activity and posts. In addition there may be other information such as links to showcases, blogs or photo albums

Your Privacy
When logged in to Motorhomefun you can navigate to /account/privacy to set your privacy options as shown below:


What is an Avatar and do I need one?

Your avatar is the square image which accompanies your profile and messages. When you first register we make an avatar for you using the first two letters of your username, but you should want to upload your own as soon as you can.

Here are some examples
avatar1.png avatar2.png avatar3.png
Once you have set one up, the members will start to recognise you and your messages by your avatar. You may use either a JPG or PNG. We do not allow moving avatars as we feel they can be distracting when trying to read the forums. We have a tutorial that shows how to upload an avatar here.

What are Forum signatures?

Signatures contain information that you want to include at the bottom of all your posts. This might include information about yourself or your motorhome, a link to your personal website (to show people more about yourself and your motorhome), a favourite quote or any personal message.
You can set your signature in your Personal Details page

Can I change my User Name?

Yes you can change your name follow these instructions. When your name is changed a post will be made letting people know. Also a record of the change will show on your profile.



What is My Membership Number?

Many people ask for their membership number when they are booking on to show rallies. WHEN BOOKING RALLIES USE YOUR USERNAME NOT YOUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBER. If you require your membership number for other reason please see here for how to find it

How do I change my password?


How do I manage the forum alerts

The forum likes to keep you informed. It will tell you if someone answers your thread, or posts photos in an album, mentions you in a post etc. You can turn off any or all of these notifications easily. See this tutorial and learn how

How can I add myself to the Funster Map

Click on your name in the top right blue menu bar and choose Personal Details


Then add a town or postcode to the Map Location Field. Re Security You can be as accurate or as vague as you like. You can give your full postcode, or just the first part of it. Or you might choose just to name your nearest town or village.

Once this is filled you'll appear on the map


Subscribe/Unsubscribe to the Newsletter

This is easy to do, click on your name, this will open up a menu. Choose the newsletter option, and check the box to subscribe, uncheck it to unsubscribe



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