What are Subs?

For the most part, the forum, articles and reviews within MotorhomeFun are a free resource. You can see answers to thousands of questions, read current best practice articles as well as keep up with motorhome news. However much of the site is hidden or restricted unless you are a subscriber.

Subscriptions cost £15 a year and benefits include:
  • Able to post questions and participate in all forums. When you register you get 5 free posts to get a flavour of the fun.
  • Enjoy substantial discounts from major industry figures such as VanBitz and Johns Cross Motorhomes.
  • Only subscribers can attend rallies at home and abroad
  • Subscribers see fewer advertisements
  • Have access to our excellent search engine to filter millions of messages and find the information you need.
  • Access to our resource section, enabling downloads of many items like SatNav POIs and motorhome equipment handbook.
  • Host your own travel blog, right here on Motorhomefun
  • Buy and sell in our busy classified section
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Jan 16, 2016
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