Report Posts or Conversations?

Why Report? Don't you have Moderators?
Most large forums have 3 or 4 moderators per forum section, so a big forum may have 20 or so moderators. Why so many? Well, essentially it ensures that some are online all the time.
Moderators are all powerful, they can move, delete and change posts, they can restrict members posting rights, they can remind people of the rules and ban or silence them if they don’t comply. Their job is to ensure the forum runs smoothly and to the rules; that threads remain on topic and everything is run as they see fit (becoming jobsworths) Sometimes this makes a forum great, mostly it ruins it.

Essentially what happens, time and time again, is that a hierarchy of moderators develops, they try to out-do each other. The forums become ever stricter and lose the fun aspect. Eventually, many moderators fall out with each other, and this becomes plain for all to see. It’s not long before the whole feel of the forum is lost, posts decline, members leave, new members don’t join.

Why no Moderators on Motorhome Fun
Motorhomefun has never used moderators. We don’t care if posts are in the wrong place, we’ll move them if we see them. We don’t care about spelling or grammar, as long as we can understand it who cares. We like to get the members to moderate themselves. If they see objectionable posts, rather than responding to the poster and getting into a public argument, they report the post.

Just a handful of people if allowed to undermine or be insulting or sarcastic to others can drag a forum down. So it is important that you report things that you think are wrong.

When a post is reported, it guarantees that it will be seen. A decision will be made on each and every report as to what action to take. This action is never discussed with the person who reported, once you have reported you will get no feedback, but rest assured, your action is helping to keep this a nice place to spend time.

If a number of people report an objectionable post it will disappear from public view until such time as it can be moderated. So please do report posts, even if someone else has said they have reported it.

The action taken against the poster might be visible to all, such as a public reminder of the rules. It might warrant a private more vernacular message. Someone might be banned or told that further instances will lead to a ban. It could just be that the reported person’s posts are monitored for a while. Don’t worry about what might happen, if someone is ruining your fun, then report them.

This is how to report a post. Look for the word Report at the bottom of the post

report 1.png

A box will appear and you can give your brief reasons for reporting.

report 2.png

Please don't leave reporting to others. Keep this place great and report any post that you think spoils our fun.
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Mar 16, 2016
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