What happens at a Fun Meet or Rally

What happens at a Fun Meet or Rally

We have quite a few new Funsters putting their name down for meets and rallies and are maybe wondering what they have let themselves in for. We also have a large number who might be trying to pluck up the courage and book. So to put your mind at ease (or maybe put you off forever) I thought I’d let you know what goes on.

To attend a Fun rally you must be a subscriber. All of our rallies have a “thread” running, where the members can express an interest or ask questions about that particular rally. This rally section is here. You can also see a list of rallies on the Rally Calendar here.This thread will give you the location and the times you can arrive and anything else you need to know, but don’t be afraid to ask any questions on that thread, the rally marshal or others will answer.

For some rallies you may get asked to fill a quick form in, to include details like your motorhome registration number, how many of you in the van, the time you expect to arrive. (You may also be asked for names for a name badge.) This information makes life easier for the marshal. Knowing you are coming along on Friday at 6pm means they are not waiting all of Friday for you to arrive. Don’t worry about being early or late, no one is going to hold you to that time.

Unlike most every other club, we do not charge additional rally fees. The rally marshals are volunteers. When you arrive you’ll be greeted by the rally marshal, and briefed on the rally. They may have a welcome letter, or just let you know verbally what’s happening. If there is going to be a gathering for coffee or a BBQ you’ll be told, but some rally marshals have a notice board letting Funsters know that way.

If they’ve made name badges or a motorhome name badge they’ll give you those too. Someone will then park you up. You’ll be at least 6m from any others and the rally marshal will introduce you to your near neighbours. Nothing is compulsory, if you don’t want to attend, no one will come knocking on your door asking where you are. If you want to meet people and make new friends, It’s up to you to make the effort to attend. Please don’t be shy, you will be made most welcome.

Typical events

Some events are themed, such as the Bring and Buy, or New year events, but everything will be mentioned in the rally thread. But as always, we are not sticklers for rules, let’s say that the New Years Eve party rally is fancy dress, no one will bat an eyelid if you choose not to dress up. Its up to you how you have fun.

Coffee and Cake.

This is a pretty regular happening. The rally marshal buys some cake, and you turn up, with your coffee at the allotted time. Depending on the rally marshal, there may be a pot for donations to cover the costs of the cake, and plenty of other Ralliers will arrive with cake, so do attend hungry.

A common theme is for people to cook food for a given time and then take it to a central area, where everyone takes a seat and eats in that central area. the theme tends to be “cook for yourself plus bit more for others” this can mean that these events are like medieval banquets with tons of stuff to eat, again its best to arrive hungry


We always try and have a designated central area. Unless this is high summer we also strive to be under canvas. Rarely is anything formal arranged. People tend to gather in this area, they might bring a beer or a coffee, mostly its just chat, sometimes someone might bring along a guitar, and if we have any Welsh funsters, there might well be the odd song in a strange language, but its all good fun. If this is a show rally where there is entertainment laid on by the organisers, some may well choose to attend this. There is never any obligation on your part, you can do as you please.



It does not happen at every rally but when it does..Sunday breakfast is a popular event. The rally marshal buys bacon and rolls and normally cooks them around 10:30 on Sundays. Some marshals are super efficient and will ask you when you arrive if you want rolls and how many, this is so they don’t buy too many. There will be a nominal charge, which is normally a £1 per breakfast so rally marshal can get their money back.

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You must put a bit of effort in.

True story..
A few years ago someone claimed that they did not have a good time at a rally and thought they were ignored. I was devastated, so were the rally marshals. They had received a note from the marshalls letting them know what was happening, but somehow chose not to attend anything.

When questioned......Did you not attend the evening in the Marquee? “no we were tired and my wife had a migraine” How about the coffee morning did you attend that? “No we are not coffee drinkers and wanted to visit the town at that time” How about the bacon rolls, did you not chat to people over a bacon roll breakfast? “No we’re vegetarians so we didn’t want to come over”

So essentially this couple stayed in their van and made no effort to join in, but then thought they were being ignored.

What they failed to appreciate is that because we are not a pushy club, insisting that everyone joins in with everything, we’re quite happy to let you sit in your van, no one is going to disturb you and ask if you are coming to the coffee morning. So do get out, and chat to each other. Funsters are very friendly and as you make new friends you’ll not regret making the effort.

The rallies are great fun. Please don’t be shy, book on one and see for yourself. (y)

How do I book on a rally?

How do I book on a rally
To book on a rally with us; tollow the instructions you’ll find here
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