Private Messages

How do I send a Private Message to someone?

Private Messages are called Conversations on MotorhomeFun. They are private conversations between two or more forum members.
To access your Conversations, log in to the forums and then click your name, top right of the page. This will drop down your user menu where you can click the Conversations link.
Or you can bookmark
To send a new Conversation, from your Conversations page, click the New Conversation button towards the top-right of the page. A red flag will show up when you have unread messages

How do I delete a conversation

Most users have a limit on the number of conversations they may keep in their inbox. This means that you will have to delete messages from time to time.
All you need do is click the 'Leave Conversation' option and you will then not be part of that conversation and it will be removed from your conversation list.
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