Lyndon Top Meet August 10th - 13th August 2023

New thread, meet not a rally, pretty much the same thing, but booking made directly with Lyndon Top, they have allocated us our own area

I will copy across details from the ‘chat’ thread

Right, decision made, this is going to be a meet, not an official rally

Lyndon Top have allocated the first field on the right, accessed before the barrier, makes it much easier to get in as the keypad is a bit low and the barrier a bit narrow 🙂

We will all book ourselves independently with Lyndon Top, I have told them we will add MHF after our registration number , but they are very relaxed and say it won’t matter if we don’t , the site manager will liaise with us to confirm arrivals

Lyndon Top Caravan Park | Booking Summary

I have booked in already for Thursday 10th August for 4 nights setting off for home on Monday 14th

I will bring my bike, but not sure I will go right round the water , done that once now 🤔😁might be tempted to walk it though bizarrely 🙄 I think it’s 15 miles but will check that out more precisely before committing or at least before setting off 👍😁 there are two pubs 👍 and a couple of ice cream options

Bike might be used to visit local pub as well 🙂 which is also an easy flat about 1 mile walk

No specific agenda , just another opportunity to meet old and new friends, put the world to right over a coffee or maybe something stronger for those that chose 👍🙂

I will see if a food delivery can be arranged for one of the nights but no promises on that yet, it is likely we will have a car with us, so would have a collection option

I think a cake and coffee gathering always goes down well, so bring a cake please , weather dependent maybe Sunday morning for that 👍

If you could please post on here to say you have booked that would be good so we have an idea on numbers, I will then update page 1 with attendees

Interest expressed so far




Holly's mum

The Happy Hooker


Email back from Lyndon Top, the area they have allocated can take 60 units, possibly more as we are motorhomes not car and caravan combinations

Confirmed so far 23 units

DavidG58 arriving Wednesday 5 nights
TheAleMan arriving Wednesday 5 nights
RowleyBirkinQC arriving Thursday 4 nights
Langtoftlad arriving Thursday 4 nights
The Happy Hooker arriving Thursday 2 nights
NadineF arriving Thursday 3 nights
funflair arriving Thursday
L-J arriving Thursday cancelled MH break down 🙁
icantremember Thursday 4 nights
Jaws arriving Thursday 3 nights
gozomike arriving Thursday 4 nights
OldCodger arriving Thursday 3 nights
gusdog arriving Thursday 3 nights
Neilfg arriving Thursday 2 nights
Scout arriving Thursday 4 nights
Janeyc arriving Friday 11th 3 nights
Adroamin arriving Friday
Antique arriving Friday 3 nights
Oscar arriving Friday 3 nights cancelled Covid + 🙁
WESTY66 Friday 2 nights
Holly's mum Friday 3 nights
Tartarus Friday 2 nights
Wesbus arriving Friday 2 nights
TheTwoOfUs arriving Friday 2 nights

Food order plus name check where I can, my memory is appalling 🙄

See discussion for details, I will order cod and regular chips unless told otherwise , that is skin less and smaller chips

DavidG58 cod and regular chips x 2
David and Bev and Kevin daughters Beagle 🙄
Neilfg cod and regular chips x 2
Neil and Jacqui
Scout 2 x cod and 1 large chips
Phil and Andrea
TheAleMan haddock and regular chips x 2
Steve and Karen
The Happy Hooker cod and large chips x 2
Lorraine and Dave
Holly's mum cod x 2 1 large chips
Yvette and Paul
RowleyBirkinQC cod and regular chips x 2 + 3 sausages
Darren and Cindy
haganap cod and regular chips x 1
Paul and Nikki
Antique cod x 2 1 large chips
Brian + Val
Langtoftlad mini fish and chips + sausage
Stephen and Kerry the greyhound
OldCodger cod and regular chips x 2
Ian and Lesley
Tartarus 1 cod and large chips
Tony and Karen
gusdog 2 x cod 1 large chips + sausage
Rocket + Terry and Sally 🙂
Oscar no food needed 🙁 cancelled Covid + 🙁🙏
Alb and Elaine + Oscar
icantremember cod and regular chips x 2
Brian and Joyce 🙂
Jaws cod and regular chips x 2
John and Mo (I can’t call her woman) 🤔
TheTwoOfUs no food needed
Neil and Merilyn
gozomike no food needed
Mike 🙂
WESTY66 no food needed
Anonymous so far 🤔🙂
Adroamin no food needed
Andy Jen and Collie Roo 🙂
funflair 2 x cod large chips
Martin and Jen

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