Henham Steam Rally 15th -17th September 2023. Henham, East Suffolk

Following the success of Funsters attending last years Steam Rally, we have been invited again, so clearly did not disgrace ourselves too much!

Full details are on their website Henham Steam Rally.

The tickets will be on-line shortly, but I thought we would put it up here so people can plan. Camping tickets with admission will be £70 per pitch which I believe is the same as last year.

If you wish to attend you will need to book with the web-site and then post on here please. Nearer the time, I will pm attendees asking for surnames so I can cross reference the lists.

The organisers are doing their best to deal with some of the niggles I raised last years.
In the interest of constant improvement, could I gently put forward the following observations that may or may not be possible or practical. None of these are must haves, just would make lives a little easier.

Motorhomes are a little different than caravans in that water is carried on board in tanks rather than in barrels outside. Also payload is a real issue for many motorhomes as they need to stay under 3500Kg. The van empty is about 3200 and a full tank of water is 100. Add two people at 75kg each, food, clothing bikes etc and it's easy to be very overweight. Most fill with a hose on site then top up by watering can.

Given the low number and availability and accessibility of taps on site, it would be useful if motorhomes could be directed to an accessible tap on arrival if needed, before parking up please? I am marshalling in Lincoln this weekend. The first question to arrivals is "Do you need water"?

Would it be possible to have some waste bins around the camping area please? Or, could you put the bin locations on the site map please?

The absence of recycling was raised by almost all attendees.

We appreciate that the instruction that all large vehicles should leave via gate E was in the show guide, but could the other Exit signs say cars only. Two of the longer motorhomes has real difficulty on the A146 exit as they had not read the guide in full. Their fault they know.

Funsters who are viewing this calendar event