Water Purifier

Win First Need Trav-L-Pure System

Harald at General Ecology has kindly offered up a portable water purifier. The First Need Trav-L- Pure water purifier. (£141) This can be used in the motorhome for a pure glass of water whenever you want it, or you can use as designed and take it with you when walking/hiking.

Often labelled the "sophisticated" portable water purifier, First Need Trav-L- Pure water purifier is simple to use.
Just pour water into its container and pump, no dangling hoses or external accessories, it's completely self contained. Each canister has an average rated capacity of 475 litres and is sealed to prevent contact with contaminants.
As durable as it is easy to use, First Need Trav-L- Pure water purifier has been used by UN forces and is a favourite of travelers worldwide.
Our First need products use the same Structured Matrix technology as used in our on-board systems to instantly remove contaminants from the water source. Providing purified, delicious drinking water wherever you go, these portable units are perfect for those excursions away from your RV or boat.
Whether on the trail or on shore at a restaurant, there is a first need water purifier that will fill your needs.

On long hikes, you'll never gave to carry water again, any water can be converted to bug and bacteria free water. Me and my son have a similar item and we've used it when walking all over Europe, but especially locally; horrible dirty little streams in the Brecon Beacons quickly turned into pure water.

This travel model uses the same principal as the water filters Harald and General Ecology sells that we put into our motorhomes. We've had one for over ten years and have got so used to pure water on tap that we would never be without it. Especially after witnessing so many antics with toilet cassettes at fresh water taps as we have over the years!!

This is a great bit of Kit. Shame I can't enter, I want it :(:D
The prize is First Need Trav-L-Pure System

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