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Three year old Woodford LWT 072 flatbed twin axle car trailer, that we have been using to tow a 900kg Suzuki Ignis behind our motorhome. This is the shortest twin axle car trailer on the market.

I have very kindly been alerted to smaller, single axle, second hand trailers in a far scruffier condition, going on ebay for more than £1300. I have therefore fixed the price at £1200 for Funsters.

We are selling because up to now, we have used a Thule G3 static awning + small car for getting around. However, we now want to move to a drive-away awning and use the moho as our getting around vehicle.
  • It is in good condition, just a bit of scuffing on the plastic wheel arches.
  • It comes with a removable cycle holder
  • Four ratchet straps.
  • Last year we up-rated the 1600kg AL-KO delta coupling S161, for a new 2000kg Knott delta coupling.
  • It has a heavy duty jockey wheel that enables the front to be lifted up to enable easy manoeuvring on one axle. The jockey wheel itself has a slight wobble, and could do with being re-pinned.
  • It was fully serviced in 2020.
  • Electrics are 13 pin and work fine.
  • One of the number plate lights has come off, but the other one works.
  • It has two movable wheel stops that bolt to the trailer beds

Bed Dimensions
feet & inches
Bed Dimensions
Load KGGross KGAxlesWheel sizeoverall widthoverall lengthLoading angleGap between runwaysRamp lengthcurrent price at new
12’x6’1”3660×18501200 kilo1600 kilo210"2300mm5025mm8 deg975mm1920mm£2,200

I have no idea what it is worth. We paid £1815.00 new (I have the receipt). I have received a part exchange offer that I consider far too low, but dealers are in the business to make money I suppose!

Immediate pick up available as someone is always here. If unsure I am happy for you to come round and see for yourselves. You might even get a cup of tea!

Cheers, Dave.
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