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We bought this at last year in Oct at the CAMC Show as a trial to see if it work with our Autotrail.....
It didn't :(
It's been used once. It was taken out, put up on a dry day to see if it would fit ok the taken straight down and repacked.
It comes with the additional rear poles and a hanging rail.
Below is the write up & spec
If you are interested please message me.

A great lightweight awning with a small footprint. Extremely easy to use easy enough to erect by one person on their own. It has large scenic windows allowing loads of light inside and great views when inside the awning. It gives you the feeling of outside even when inside the awning. The use of the excellent Air Erect System 2 means that the tubes are independent of each other and can be inflated with as little as 12 pumps on the pump. Featuring the lightweight Hydrotech SL fabric which gives you great performance in an incredibly lightweight fabric which makes this awning even easier to erect use and store away when not in use. It has built in ventilation to help combat condensation and full ventilation doors so you can open the doors but keep the flies out on those hot days.

HydroTech SL
Hydrotech SL fabric is a latest generation lightweight material. The fabric itself is a UV coated and treated 190T polyester. It has an advanced durable UV coating which gives it extra protection against the harmful suns UV rays and extends the life of your awning. The material is extremely lightweight making it easy to handle. The material is fast drying as it does not soak up the rain and water and is easy to clean.

Air Erect System 2
The Air Erect System 2 AES is a latest generation easy to use simplified air erect system. It is simplified to make it easier to use and less to go wrong. The system uses 4 layers for strength and stability. It has the internal bladder which is the part that you inflate. You then have a dual layer protective cover that has a PE and polyester covers bonded together that adds protection and increases stability. The PE layer of the protective cover is also reinforced at the stress points giving it extra strength and stability. You then have a sleeve which is sewn into the awning which adds a final layer of protection and stability. This not only improves the protection you get from the PC cover but also the stability of the awning as the tube is held in place and position better. The Air Erect System has individual air tubes rather than a joined system which makes each tube extremely easy to pump up and in the event of a failure only one tube is affected. It also uses an easy to use single way valve for inflation which is simplicity itself simply push the pump in and pump.

AntiWeather System
The antiweather system is not one item but a host of improvements and updates that gives the awning better weather protection.
There are additional weather panels sewn into the canvas at points where the weather could get in. This panel is P.U. coated on both sides and taped on both sides giving you better weather protection.
There is additional guttering on external windows with zips which add extra protection against the rain.
All tie back points or pockets that are sewn in are made from 100 waterproof PVC rather than standard webbing material. Standard material can soak water up and eventually lead to leaks the waterproof PVC simply does not.

  • Air Erect System 2
  • Independent inflation points
  • Hydrotech SL Fabric
  • AntiWeather system added protection
  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to erect
  • Small footprint
  • Small pack size
  • Can be erected by one person
  • Rear poles included
  • Storm pole included
  • Clear view windows
  • Built In ventilation
  • 2 Full ventilation side doors
  • Internal blinds
  • Draft wheel cover
  • Double action pump with auto cut off valve

Materials and Dimensions:

  • Fabric: Hydrotech SL
  • Mud Skirt: PE Polyester
  • Windows: Superclear Transparent Foil
  • HH: 3000mm
  • Awning Rail Height: 235-250 cm.
  • Width: 200 cm.
  • Depth: 250 cm.
  • Packed: 113 x 25 x 25 cm.
  • Weight: 8 kg.
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