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This unit is specifically designed to prevent over discharge and temperature of lithium batteries and as such needs a control input to disconnect the output from your lithium batteries, such as the Victron BMS, and is therefore designed for Victron installations, however its just a 230A relay.

The Cyrix-Li-load will disengage when its control input becomes free floating. If the battery voltage recovers after disconnection (which will happen when no other loads are connected to the battery), the output of the BMS will become high and the Cyrix will reengage after 30 seconds. After 3 attempts to reengage, the Cyrix will remain disengaged until battery voltage has increased to more than 13 V (resp. 26 V or 52 V) during at least 30 seconds (which is a sign that the battery is being recharged).

Any questions please ask.

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