For sale Vango Galli 3 tall Drive Away Airbeam Awning - Grey

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Vango Galli 3 tall. Drive Away Airbeam Awning - Grey. Never used in anger only put up for a few days to test it. Perfect condition. I don’t have any pics of it up sorry so I’m using stock pics for it.
I got this a couple of years ago when I had my Other van. I now have a hymer655 and I don’t need it for this van as it has full awning room kit.
It’s a cracking bit of kit and going for a lot on eBay. I also have a new 12 volt pump for air awnings that cost £55. That’s in the deal.
pickup only I’m afraid as it’s big and heavy
It’s the tall version so perfect for motorhome
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fat haggis
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fat haggis
Deposit received
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