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We went with the E&P system, its proven and you won't regret it 1 minute, all the hoses are custom made to length so no loops of spare tie wrapped under your van so making a neater installation imho. It can be removed and re-fitted to your next van as well, i believe so can all systems i'd have thought but not 100%.

We had our pump installed underneath the van as well so not taking up any locker space, had a fixed control panel as well as a remote, works flawlessly

Al (y)
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Thanks Al much appreciated indeed.

Still looking but I can’t justify £4750 outlay as you’ll never get it back and it does not add value.

Best wishes.
Al n Val
Al n Val
you do get it back and it does add value, what you don't get its all manner of arguments and turmoil when trying to get level without it lol