For sale Two AS Electrobike Plus 26” Folding Bikes

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I have for sale a pair of AS Electrobike Plus 26”, aluminium alloy folding bikes, in good condition

After having problems with some puncture prevention stuff in the tubes which kept blocking the valves, both tyres and tubes were replaced about 18 months ago. Both batteries keep their charge and are checked every 5-6 weeks when not in use

Only used when away on holiday, they have become too large and heavy for me to lift into the motorhome garage, so we hope to change them for smaller versions. The longest ride I have done is about 25 miles and the batteries can go down to 2 of the 3 bars, but it obviously depends on how much assist you use, and they have never been fully discharged or stopped functioning.

The bikes are the older style with a throttle as well as the cycle assist. They include two chargers and one handbook

This is the current equivalent:

We are asking for £400/bike or £750 for the pair

We are about 6 miles west of Newcastle at NE15

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