For sale Thule Elite G2 Standard bike rack.

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This is a Thule Elite G2 Standard bike rack. It comes with very long frame tubes allowing it to be cut to suit your vehicle and we have cut 30cm off to fit it to a Benimar 231. The mount points were a long way apart of this van and we cut off the least possible for that so there is still a lot of range available.
If interested we will be at The New Forest motorhome show
The rack will now suit mounting points that are 800mm-1200mm apart in height. (It was 800mm-1500 but we removed 300mm).

If your mount points are between 80cm and 1m20cm apart (one above the other) this will fit.

We only used this rack a couple of times so it is still in very good condition - we removed it from the van when not in use and stored it in a garage.

It is very solid and holds the 2 bikes very firmly. There are sliding ramp-things and straps to hold each wheel and a bar for each bike with a claw/holder to hold the top of the bike frame.

We did not use the mounting parts shown in the photo as we were able to connect it straight to the fiamma points already installed on the motorhome back, as they are very similar to the Thule ones - I think most pre-installed mounting parts must be largely similar, though I can't guarantee it.

We assembled the bike rack so it can be hung on to the van quickly when needed - it can be collected as a whole unit (plus the unused separate fixing kit parts in a bag).

Excellent bike rack but we no longer have the motorhome - hence sale.
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