For sale The latest stones........

£34.00 to £40.00

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More stones have arrived and I wanted to show them to you, this is how they start out.

I then do what I enjoy in my craft room in our homme on the edge of the Galloway Forest, actually I have taken over the largest of our two bedrooms.

If you like look of one just give me a shout.

I always have plenty of stones, but if I don't have your favourite I am happy to try and source one for you.

This one of my crafting hobbies and every creation that you purchase helps me keep doing something I enjoy AND stops me disappearing behind a mountain of jewellery. :giggle:

I have the bonus of getting a great deal of pleasure seeing or hearing that a recipient loves something that I have made.



This latest batch of LABRADORITE (below & the top crescent moon) show just some of the different colours they come in, they are stunning and flash colour as the light hits them when you move.
They really are eye catching.


The price range is just an idea of the completed price, NOT the price of the stones.


Diesel fired air or water heating systems for Motorhomes,
Rhino Installs
West Country Motorhomes
Direct Motorhome Services

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