For sale Teleco Twin Scew Sattelite System

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A complete boxed system so possible to send by carrier.
This is the Twin Scew 85cm dish model.
All complete in fact parts of it have not even been fitted and are brand new all screws bolts etc are present. I have also included a stainless steel baseplate that spreads the load To ensure it’s secured to the MH roof better.
The Box which is the most expensive part of the system has just been reprogrammed by a certified Teleco dealer in order to pick up the Astra Satellite in particular that was recently relocated in Space which meant it couldn’t be located.
The Twin Scew LNB ensures a stronger signal particularly when in Southern Europe. £900.00. The first image is the current price today £2199.00 a saving of £1299.00. 0C6E6FCE-B4AE-45C9-967B-77EF6BAD13DF.png D0A776D9-E30F-48BA-9481-15E24AD59841.jpeg 9D5E4E09-B6A1-45DC-85F1-B6D48048C3CC.jpeg 0C34A425-D565-4F9A-8851-13E9993D1B38.jpeg E71A1BB6-C5B3-432A-8F13-89DD5A9E02FA.jpeg 544E027E-9607-4F72-A1DB-3B8620D7E299.jpeg 1C9571E5-949B-4B85-8292-BA2EE744F368.jpeg 2EB1C45D-921E-42BC-82B0-971A9A420838.jpeg 6F261DC3-252A-4325-B1FC-D5F4BE17C5E9.jpeg FA16C9B5-3846-4382-AC5C-0CCA4BE3724A.jpeg


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