For sale SMALL Solar panels and maybe IR illuminators


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I have just been offered a load of small solar panels. All unused

Perfect to power outdoor security cameras, lights and even charge mobile phones when camping etc
You could even put 2 or 3 on your dashboard over winter and keep the engine battery on a car topped up

Each panel is 10 Watt and details in the photos

If there is interest I will negotiate a bulk buy. The supplier has half a pallet load and 10 to 20 x 15watt Infra Red Illuminators. Again perfect to invisibly light up a large area for security cameras

Just to add, also perfect to power a fan for the greenhouse, awning, fridge or many other things

I can parcel up and post at cost, or collect Christchurch Dorset

Update.... I can post 2 panels for £24 all in 3 Panels for £31 4 panels for £40. Then due to weight, the prices should be fairly similar including insurance



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