For sale Sika Marine Multi Primer/Sika Aktivator 205

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You will only be interested in this if you are planning to install Solar panels on your roof and intending to go for the most effective option, by using Sikaflex 292i High Strength Marine adhesive, alongside the Sika 205 cleaner and Marine Multi primer (as above).
I have today had delivered 250ml of each of the above in order to install my panel brackets (best option for preventing them detaching at speed!) Sika used to sell this stuff in 30ml bottles, which would have been more than enough, but its minimum 250ml now and these two cost me nearly sixty quid!
So, my plan is to offer 4 people 50ml of the 205 cleaner and 50ml of the primer for £15 (the pair), including post, these are currently fresh/sealed containers and I will also need to buy some new 50ml containers to post it in, if there is any interest.
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Well I have sold two lots and the bottles I ordered to dispense the precious liquids arrived yesterday, still haven't opened the Sika canisters, as its too cold in Norfolk (sika recommend fixing at plus 15 degrees) So have just too more lots I can sell, keeping 2 x 50ml of each for myself.
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