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Reluctantly, I have to offer our Gtech City and Sport bikes for sale. Both bikes are immaculate and have spare batteries for each bike included. Ideally, I would like to sell as a pair as we bought them for our Motorhome travels which as we all know never happened this last year or so. They are both Mk1 batteries and have no problems. They regularly give me 15 to 20 miles range but we have never needed to swap out the batteries on a ride. If the City bike has been ridden 10 miles in total, I would be very surprised. The tyre tread still has the centre beading, see picture. The Sport has been ridden for about 500 miles. I am asking £650 each to include a spare battery, a bike helmet and the tools/chargers/paperwork etc included when new for each bike. Both bikes have anti puncture slime in the tyres. Cash on Collection from Birmingham area. Two keys with each battery. There is also a wicker shopping basket for the City bike also included.
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