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Omnistor Roll-Out Zip Bag awning.
260cm long ( to go in rail ) by 200cm deep.
Complete with adjustable front legs and side arms, both of which fold into the awning tube ( which is rectangular, not round).
Has had a minor cosmetic repair to the internal velcro straps which hold the rail in place whilst bag being zipped up, but otherwise in good and usable condition.
It is about 10 years old and has been used, but not abused and I am only selling because I bought it for our Motorhome 2nd Hand, but realise that whilst it will fit and work perfectly on our 266cm high rail, this height is too high for me to operate and unroll it safely when doing it on my own ( I will need to use a step ladder).
Would ideally suit a Van conversion or van with rail height similar to a standard caravan rail (around 240 to 250cm).
Weight is around 12kg, frame head and legs are aluminium, and canopy colour is Dark Blue with Grey wavy lines with occasional yellow wavy lines.
It's very nice, but sadly I cannot use it and am looking for a simple sun shade with seperate adjustable legs that will just run into the awning rail and can be pulled through easily once end is threaded into the rail, as it will be very light, and can then be done at ground level.
Many thanks.
07976 596565 if more details needed.
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