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Does anyone have and office phone they don’t want?
Reason is, when I am on the phone to a call centre ( Apple ). Because I suffer with osteoarthritis I find it difficult to hold the handset to my ear for long periods. Also being a bit deaf The loud speaker is not loud enough. I have tried 6 so called speaker phone and returned them all as they are not loud enough. What I need is an office phone that I can plug an amplifier into so that I can use a headset, and be hands free. Having searched the internet the prices are too high for me to invest for the odd call.

I will pay postage.
Regards Vic
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Have you currently got cordless hand set? If so most are fitted with a headset socket so you can use a fairly cheap pair of headphones with a microphone.

Had a Jabra for the mobile phone was very good until old age got it (now use a pair of headphones with a boom mike for long calls) and use an unknown brand of on the ear & mike boom for landline.

Only thing to watch is the size of the socket/plug they come in several different diameters.

Hopefully you'll find something that suits.
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Have considered using your mobile with a Bluetooth earpiece?
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Hi Tony. Yes that will be my plan. B
All sorted went to plan B used my mobile with earphones Why didn't I think of that in the first place.
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