For sale NEW Continental Vanco Camper tyre and cover. 215/70 15R CP

new Tyre manufacture date 08 20,
This ad has been closed. Reason: wheel rim no longer available , tyre listed separately in new listing

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I have fitted air assist suspension to the rear of our motorhome and I am in the process of uprating and replacing all of the tyres in order to uplate the max weight.

therefore this tyre is available for sale.

The Tyre is a NEW as can be seen in the photo has a manufacture date of ( 0820 ) so is barley a year out of being manufactured and has never been out of the cover other than for the photos.
A Continental VancoCamper 215/70 15R (109/107 ) CP with a date of 0820

This add is for the TYRE and Cover ONLY The wheel rim is no longer available the tyre has been removed from the rim ready to be fitted to your wheel rim.

The cover is a simple close fit cover to keep the wheel clean and easy to handle as we kept thos tyre / wheel assembly as a spare in a locker. The cover will come with the tyre is you want it.

These tyres are around £120 new and you can get fitting for around £12 / £15 at most tyre places.
you can just carry the tyre as a spare as some member already do.

available for less than half price at £55 buyer collects from South Wales however, I will travel a short distance to meet up, if that helps.

PM me if you are interested please.
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