For sale Motorhome number plate roof sticker

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Hi Brian

Can you do a Led Zeppelin 20cm tall in the same style as on 'The song remains the same' LP/CD?
(can email you a pic of style if required)
Kind regards
Hi, yes I can do this for you if you send me a private message confirming the colour and the number of decals you'd like i can send you this.
Can you do a sticker with the last six numbers on the VIN as this seems to be a better option for ANPR to pick up on?
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Hi, yes I can make whatever you prefer, although I'm not sure the vin plate would be helpful for ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition?) As these cameras tend do be roadside monitoring the number plate at the front or rear of the vehicle. These decals are intended to be applied to the roof so can be seen from above.
Unless I am misunderstanding your request, but yes, I can make whatever you require.
Hi I'm interested in a white background number plate sticker
(Blends in with the white roof a bit better)
What are the dimensions of the sticker ?
Hi Brains, The decals are 20cms tall and the width depends on how many letters and numbers are in the plate. The example in the picture YR02 REG works out at a smidge over 1200cms, but that is 7 digits and a space. If your number plate is A1 ABC it will be not as wide.
If you message me your reg no I can tell you exactly how wide it will be.
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