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Hi, free to anyone who can collect, motorbike/scooter rack. fits onto a towbar i understand. its free to whoever can collect. i dont have any photos of it actually fitted but tis made of checkerplate steel, has a ramp for getting the bike on or off.

looks a lot like this for sale on amazon

Amazon product
and this one - ps this isnt my van, its just one off the internet i found while searching for photos

Watling Towbars Scooter Rack

i also have a towbar aswell if that is of any use to anyone, it came off an alko chassis from a 2010 vehicle i was told when i bought it - i briefly tried a dry fit onto our Bailey 2015 and it seems to fit and matches up to the chassis, just never got around to fitting it and we are changing vans this summer, so happy to see it go to a new home where it would be used - it would be nice to get some money back for the towbar, looking for £50 - or even better, happy to swap for something you may no longer use or need ??? PS, i have a wife i am happy with (and keeping), so no point offering me yours in exchange ....

added photo to comply - does look yummy though ....
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Good morning just asking for update as to whether or not it is going to be picked up by the other interested party. Clive
hi, i didnt get chance to measure it yesterday but will sort it today and then send them the details, so will know sometime today/tomorrow i hope
Hi I left a message this morning on behalf of Mr Fred Carr Smith regarding Picking up the scooter rack for phone no is 01255860242 if you cauld let me now where i can pick it up from Clive
Hi if not taken would you put my name for it Thanks Alan (lofty1)
Hi my name is Clive Bishop I understand a friend of mine mr Fred CarrSmith has spoken to you about a scooter rack he would like me to pick up.Can you let me now when and where would be convenient for you for me to pick up.I live at Beaumont Cum Moze.Clive
does anyone want the towbar aswell? just going to measure it for the first person who asked .... so dont know if its gone or not yet - i would want the towbar to go at the same time if possible !!
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