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I was asked if I could help a lovely lady by doing this for her using her husbands ashes.
She kindly gave permission to use the photo's of her pendants.

I researched this and found that most memorial jewellery is made using resin or glass and they cost a kings ransom.
I have found way of incorporating them into the stones that I use for a fraction of that price, the price on this ad is a guide.
I could also use a loved ones hair.
All this still has the wire wrapping people are used to seeing with my creations.
As with everything I do, I do it with care and in this case sensitivity & respect.

Keepsake jewellery.
Using the same process I can also make keepsake jewellery.
A lock of hair.
Babies first nail clippings.
Wedding confetti.
A loved pets fur.
Any other ideas can be considered, just ask, within reason of course.

However, because they cannot be sold on ALL Memorial & Keepsake orders will be charged with a £20 non-refundable deposit per pendant.

Nothing I create is ever the same Memorial & Keepsake jewellery will be no different.

Completed memorial pendants.

This is the back showing the ashes fixed in place after a long carving out process.

This is the first completed pendant, with this stone you can see the heart shape through the stone, this won't always be the case, it depends on the stone used.
I can carve out any shape you like within reason.❤🐾


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