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This came fitted to our new motorhome but we don't have a scooter - they cost around £1000 new.
£500, collection from Fleet, Hampshire

Details from the Memo website:
M-Classic, scooter carrier for one scooter or lightweight motorcycle.

The M-Classic can carry up to one scooter (150 kg) and is fitted directly onto the chassis at knee height. It can be fitted onto most motorhomes with an Al-Ko chassis or suitable chassis extensions.

The scooter ramps, Wheelfix, crossbar and light bar are constructed from lightweight aluminium. For reasons of durability and strenght all other components are constructed from galvanized steel to prevent it from corrosion. The carrier can be removed from the vehicle at any time, leaving only the under-vehicle mounting points. Standard delivery includes everything you need for transporting a scooter, including a wheel holder and ramp with the exception of a scooter or handle-bar fixing kit, which is highly recommended. Optionally an expansion kit for one or two bicycles or a “Premium” light bar can be purchased. Thanks to the European type approval no registration or administrative hassle is required.

Removable without tools

Can be fitted in combination with a towbar.

Rack 1.jpg

These are the brackets that simply bolt on to your chassis/chassis extension (they're included in the sale, but its a useful picture we took before we took them off). The rack slides into the brackets and is held in place by two bolts each side.

Brackets 1.jpg

And these are the measurements of the rack in relation to the chassis width:
Scooter Rack Measurements.jpg

If you're not sure whether this will fit your MH you could submit a "Memo Enquiry Form" to Nova Leisure here: ....they'll need some measurements and preferably some photos and then they come back to you via email telling you whether it will fit and what parts you need. Alternatively the manufacturers Memo are very helpful and have a contact form on their website here:
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