For sale Maxview B2590 twin LNB crank up satellite system, brand new never fitted

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I bought this system brand new from Maxview, but due to ill health, I'm never going to manage to fit it & don't trust anyone else to drill holes in my motorhome roof!

Its a Maxview crank up manual search 65cm twin LNB system, so none of the software glitches which afflict auto systems.
Only opened to photograph & the bags inside are still factory sealed.
I bought this system to use off grid as I love wild camping, so to use where there is no Wi-Fi signal nor terrestrial signal. Turns out that I rarely watch tv in the motorhome anyway.
The 65cm dish is perfectly able to pick up an excellent signal anywhere in the UK or northern Europe.
Delivery would be extra, but I'm more than happy to have it all made ready a courier.

OK, time for some Maxview blurb & bear in mind that these systems cost £500 new.
Easy set-up satellite dishes offer you a simple yet high quality solution to satellite picture and audio footage on your 12 volt television set, without having the hassle of aligning the dish.
If quick and easy set up is what you are after on arrival at your pitch, then one of these kits are ideal for you. Maxview design and manufacture top quality products for the Caravan, Motorhome, Marine and Truck market so you know that you are buying the best.

The Maxview 'Crank up' B2590 has been designed to give you the ultimate in convenience when you arrive on site and want to catch up with the latest news, your favourite programmes or just simply want some entertainment on a dull evening. The B2590 has a twin LNB and comes in two dish sizes, 65cm and 85cm. The Maxview Crank up Satellite System is an easy set up satellite system which removes the hassle of manual tuning by featuring an 'easy alignment' ceiling mounted handle and elevation zone map.
It is compatible with all DVB-S standard and high definition satellite receivers including SKY.

With twin LNBs the B2590 crank-up Satellite System is ideal for use with PVR's, Sky + or with two receivers at the same time, one in the front and one in the rear of the vehicle

The Maxview crank-up design is lightweight, all weather resistant and is fully tested, as it is designed to be permanently mounted to the roof of your vehicle and delivers immediate readiness once you are on site. Designed and manufactured in the UK, this permanently roof mounted system has a folded height of 17cm and is far from intrusive. It includes fully illustrated installation and user manuals.


- High-quality 0.2dB Universal Twin LNB - Use two receivers simultaneously
- Cable entry junction box allows for the system to be position in the most convenient position.
- Low, streamlined profile - only 17cm high in the parked position,
- No T.T.R mast required thus giving maximum flexibility on roof installations
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