For sale Luxurious German built quality tag axle Motorhome for sale.

Eura Mobil
Name or Number
Active A820 HS
Registration Year
Type of Motorhome
C Class Coachbuilt with Over-cab Bed
No of Berths
Steering Position
Right Hand Drive
  1. Rear Lounge

Ad details

Base Vehicle
Fiat Ducato
Length 8.65M; Width 2.4M; Height 3.27M
Fuel Type
Manual Gears
Engine Size
Plated Weight
This is a unique opportunity to acquire a rare Eura Mobile Activa A820 HS Motorhome. The build quality of this luxury Motorhome is absolutely superb.

Base vehicle.
2009 registered Fiat Ducato with the following features.
36319 miles at MOT on 12/04/21. (This mileage will increase slightly as the vehicle is being run routinely for regular maintenance purposes.)
5000kg Gross Vehicle Weight.
N.B. This vehicle requires the driver to have a C1 licence. (C1+E if towing.)
RHD - Right hand drive model.
FWD - Front wheel drive.
Powerful 3L engine which pulls this large vehicle effortlessly and makes it a pleasure to drive.
6 speed manual transmission.
Cruise control.
Extended Alko chassis running on tag axles at the rear. The tag axles provide excellent road handling and all but eliminate the ‘wallowing’ experience of 4 wheel Motorhomes.
Length 8.65M.
Width 2.4M
Height 3.27M
Tow bar fitted rated at 1500kg.

Habitation area.
The Habitation area is constructed from high grade insulating foam sandwiched between the outer and inner fibreglass skins. There is no wood used in the construction. Aluminium struts are embedded into the roof and wall units to provide rigidity. The roof and walls are glued together, as opposed to being screwed together. (This method is borrowed from aircraft construction techniques.)

In true German fashion, this is a properly fully winterised Motorhome. The whole Habitation area is constructed with a double floor which contains the fresh and waste water tanks, the ALDE heating system with integrated hot water boiler, the toilet cassette and all associated pipes and plumbing fittings. Because this area is heated, all of the above are protected from freezing in very low temperatures (i.e. providing that the heating system is actually in use.) As a side effect, the heated underfloor area means that the floor of the Habitation area always feels warm to bare feet in cold weather. (In cold weather, this is one extremely cosy Motorhome.)

The double floor creates a massive storage area throughout the whole extent of the Habitation area. There is external access via four external doors. There is a large garage to the rear and the garage doors on both sides are particularly large to accommodate bigger items. From the inside, the double floor area can be accessed from two floor hatches and hinged seat bases under the dinette seats and the rear lounge seats. The Payload is quoted as 950kg.

External features include an external step for the Habitation door, a massive wind-out awning, an Awning light, an external shower point, an external BBQ gas outlet, mains power inlet, fresh water inlet with locking cap, toilet cassette access, access to the isolated gas compartment (which is currently equipped with 2 x 6kg Calor, a change over valve and on board regulator), four external access doors to the underfloor area (as described above), a bike rack on the rear, and a full width towbar.
The included towbar provides the opportunity to tow a small car which allows more flexibility on reaching your long stay destination.
(For the more energetic, of course, there is the existing bike rack.)

Internally, the Habitation area is very spacious and extremely comfortable.
Working from the front towards the rear...

The cab seats do not swivel on this model. As usual, there is walkthrough access from the cab to the rear. However, once parked up, the cab can be isolated by means of two lockable sliding doors located immediately behind the cab seats. This gives the option of closing these doors for privacy and security. (Anyone breaking into the cab would not be able to access the rear of the vehicle, and vice versa.) Another benefit is that, in colder weather, the heat is retained in the Habitation area and does not leak out through the single glazing of the cab windows. Conversely, in hot weather, the heat generated inside the cab is not passed through to the Habitation area.

Looking backwards from the cab towards the rear of the vehicle, once through the sliding doors, there is a 4 person dinette to the right (i.e. UK nearside). Two of the dinette seats are rearward facing while the other two are forward facing. All four dinette seats are fitted with seatbelts, giving a total of 6 travelling seats in the vehicle when the cab seats are included. Opposite the dinette, there is a longitudinal side bench seat which faces the end of the dinette table. The dinette table is extendable using an insert so that it comfortably reaches this bench seat.
With the sliding doors closed, there is a wooden seat base insert which fills in the gap between the rear facing dinette seats and the side bench seat. By putting the appropriate seat cushions in place, the rear facing dinette seats and the side bench are merged into a large, comfortable L shaped lounge area. This arrangement provides a great flexibility option to extend the seating capacity even further.
There are six top box storage compartments in this area - three on each side of the vehicle, along with auxiliary open storage shelves running beneath the top boxes.
There is a large Heki roof window above the dinette area which can be opened up fully to allow air flow. It is fitted with a fly screen and a blind.
There is a floor hatch in this area which gives very useful access to the underfloor area.

To the rear of the side bench seat (and on the UK offside of the vehicle) lies the Habitation external access door. This is an electrically operated door and has a long narrow vertical window, complete with it’s own window blind.
The Habitation system control panel is located above this door. (The electrical systems in this vehicle are made by cbe.) The control panel shows water levels, battery levels, etc. It also gives a warning bleep for low water levels and an indication of no gas supply, among other functions.
The controls for the ALDE heating system are located in this same area and allows the selection of gas, or electric (or both at the same time) heating sources to the boiler. It also allows the selection of hot water only, or hot water plus heating. There is a rotary thermostat control to set the heating temperature. When the temperature in the vehicle is below that set by the thermostat, then a 12v pump (which is located in the wardrobe) is automatically switched on. This pumps hot glycol fluid (which is what the ALDE system uses) around the whole of the Habitation area via a network of heating radiator pipes. This provides a very effective central heating system which maintains a really cosy warmth inside the vehicle no matter how cold it is outside.
There is another control in this area. This is a speed control for a fan which draws cool air in from under the vehicle and pushes it out from high level vents around the Habitation area. In hot weather, this is surprisingly effective in cooling the vehicle.
As previously mentioned, there is a external step fitted to serve the Habitation door. There are also steps inside and, with the door open, these internal steps can be hinged upward to provide access to the underfloor area. Useful for storing boots, etc.

To the rear of the Habitation door lies the cooker. Unlike many Motorhomes this one has a full cooker unit with 4 gas rings, grill and oven. There is a large storage drawer below the oven and a cooker hood above the hob.
The adjacent worktop contains the sink. Below the sink there are three spacious storage drawers. Sandwiched between these drawers and the cooker unit is a narrow, pull out larder unit which is useful for storing tins of food, etc.
Both cooker and sink have smoked glass covers. (Be sure that the cooker has cooled down before lowering the glass cover.)
There are a further two large top box storage compartments above the cooker and sink area.
There is a smaller ventilation hatch above this area which is useful in conjunction with the cooker hood and kitchen window in allowing good ventilation whilst cooking to remove moisture.

Further towards the rear is a full sized fridge and a separate freezer. Ideal for big families and/or long trips, there is a lot of capacity for frozen and chilled food. The fridge and freezer units are 3-way - meaning that they can be powered by 240v electric, gas or, when the engine is running, 12v. There is an automatic energy selection (AES) option or the power source can be made manually. Above the fridge freezer there is a large storage cupboard.
There is another floor hatch in front of the fridge which, again, allows access to the underfloor area.

On the opposite side of the vehicle from the cooker and sink, and immediatelybehing the dinette, is the toilet area. Unlike some Motorhomes, there is lots of space in this toilet area. The Thetford toilet unit is located such that the swivel bowl is against the side wall of the vehicle. The wash hand sink lies adjacent to this in a well thought out worktop design. There are two spacious wall cabinets with mirrored doors above the toilet bowl and wash hand sink which each provide storage on three internal shelves. Below the sink is yet more storage via a large, two shelf storage cupboard.
Off the toilet area, lies the luxurious separate shower room. (This is a shower where you can bend down and pick up the soap should you drop it.) Nice and roomy, it is separated from the toilet area by bi-fold doors. Due to the integrated shower tray base, no water escapes on to the floor of the adjacent toilet area.

Immediately behind the toilet and shower area, and opposite the fridge freezer, is a wardrobe. This sits above a lower large cupboard. Apart from the expected hanger rail, the wardrobe also houses the ALDE heating system header tank and 12v circulation pump, as well as the TV aerial and signal booster unit. In addition, the front dinette seating insert and table extension, along with the slatted bed component for the rear lounge king size bed conversion, are all stored securely in the wardrobe when not in use - e.g. when travelling.
The lower cupboard is useful for storing bulkier and heavier items.

And so to the rear of the Habitation area which houses a massive U shaped lounge located around the rear of the vehicle and above the garage. There are a further nine top box storage compartments here - three each side, and three across the rear with auxiliary open storage shelves running beneath.
There is another smaller ventilation hatch above the rear lounge area.

Sleeping arrangements are catered for by a huge overcab bed with fitted proper mattresses. There is a lot of headroom in this overcab area - much more so than is normally the case with most other overcab models. In the ceiling, there is a large, non-openable ‘star gazer’ window which, along with the generous headroom, removes any feeling of being closed in. This window (which also lets a lot of light into the vehicle during the day) has it’s own blind for use as desired. In addition, there are two side windows which do open, each having their own blinds and fly screens. There are privacy curtains which screen off the overcab bed.
The other main sleeping area is formed by converting the rear lounge into a massive king size bed. (A 3rd party tailor made foam insert is included to cater for this.) There is a sliding privacy partition which screens off the rear lounge area.
The bench seat in the dinette area can also be used as a single bed for a child. The dinette itself could also be made into a double bed by lowering the table to fit between the seats, however, a 3rd party foam insert would need to be obtained to cater for this. This would bring the potential sleeping up to 7 berths.

There are two 12v Avtex TVs included with this Motorhome. One is located above the forward facing dinette seats and the other is located in the rear lounge. Both are mounted on wall brackets which have the necessary aerial and power connections available nearby. (Note that these are not shown in the images pure because they are kept at how whilst the Motorhome is not being used.)

Additional information.
I am the second owner of this vehicle from new. I bought the vehicle from the previous owner in December 2012.
This is a clean vehicle - no smoking, no pets and no children.
A new 100W solar panel kit is included with this Motorhome (which I didn’t get around to fitting).

Points needing attention.
There is always something requiring a bit of ongoing maintenance in a Motorhome and this vehicle is no exception. In this case, the following issues exist.
there are currently two minor lighting issues.
1. There is one spotlight above the side bench in the dinette area which has stopped working.
2. The internal fridge light has also stopped working. I have replaced the original lighting unit in the fridge with a more modern LED unit, however, unfortunately this has not resolved the issue and I am now thinking that the problem might lie with the magnetic sensor which is mounted in the fridge door frame.
3. As pointed out to me by the previous owner, two of the three battery boxes in the underfloor area have been subject to a contact with an uneven ground surface. This has resulted in the surrounds for the affected boxes sitting slightly proud of the lower floor into which they are set. The boxes themselves appear to be otherwise undamaged. Since this has never presented any problems in use, I have not taken any action in regards to this issue. I merely mention it for sake of completeness.

In summary, this is a fantastic, quality built Motorhome that guarantees a truly comfortable and luxurious living experience that you will really enjoy time after time.
While it is absolutely ideal for short breaks, it really comes into its own on those longer trips and we’ve spent extremely comfortable 2 and 3 months duration trips in the EU.

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