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Lillypad set for sale, we only put one side up for one day last year so as new. Do not have an awning on our current van so not of any use to us.

It fitted our Fiamma F45s 2.6 metre awning. We have all three sides without membrane and It charcoal colour set. We paid over £200 for them and would be happy with £125. Postage would be about £7 for panels, but will check the cheapest way.

The front panel (never been opened) states width 247cm and height 198cm.

I measured a side panel, see photo

A: 244cm approx - side that touches the van
B: 196cm approx
C: 180cm approx - bottom that ties down on the ground
D: 37 cm approx - the wrap around that goes around the corner

I can post them but not with the poles, so if the poles are required then pickup would be needed.

The photos of the poles below, length 205cm but is spring loaded. The end caps are 3.5 cm diameter.
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Hi, I could be interested in the set BUT Chippenham is a long way from me (Clitheroe ) so collection not possible really.

BUT If the OP is just interested in the side panels ( as he has suggested ) then I would be interested in buying just the front panel as no poles needed for the front panel so easily posted I presume ?
Hi sent you a message 😊
Hi Spidey,
I am interested in your wind blockers but I’m not sure if they will fit.
My awning is a Thule Omnister which is 4m wide, I appreciate the front panel will not be big enough but I am more interested in the side panels and I got a little confused with your measurements.
I have measured my awning as per attached photo.
A - 2.45m
B - 2.0m
C - 2.1m
although B & C can be smaller.

I have taken some photos of where the poles would fit on the sides, do your poles look as though they would fit ?
60135BDC-8CBD-49BF-83E8-FA78FEDA2AD9.jpeg FAC50940-FB10-412C-A426-597250DB130C.jpeg
Sorry didn't realise there was questions on here, going to check it out and see if I can take a photo of the poles. The Front panel has never been used and is the standard width 247 and height 198 cm. I am going to remeasure the side panels to ensure I give you the right info.
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Hi I have updated the listing with all the measurements and more photos. The E measurement is the width of the front panel which is 247cm.
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