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I have a few items that are no longer required all have had little use and in VGC.

  • Ridge monkey pan & griddle used once - £20
  • Two Helinox beach chairs. Probably used less than 10 times. We have the sunset chairs as well so these are surplus. £180 the pair- Sold STP
  • Gas stop valve. This indicates gas pressure and is also supposed to cut out if there is a sudden pressure loss £20.
  • Cadac safari chef 2. Used twice. I think this is the low pressure versions as I had to buy a separate regulator to use with my small cannisters. £80
Will leave here for a week or so before advertising elsewhere.

I am based in Basingstoke.
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Hi can you post the ridge monkey?

Cheers John
Howard B
Howard B
I could , but it would be close to the price of a new one if I did.
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