For sale Hymer B544

Ready for sale in April 2024
Name or Number
Registration Year
Type of Motorhome
A Class Fully Integrated
No of Berths
157000km (98000miles)
Steering Position
Left Hand Drive
  1. Drop Down Bed
  2. End Kitchen
  3. End Washroom
  4. Front Lounge
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Base Vehicle
Fiat Ducato
L6 W2.3 H2.8
Fuel Type
Manual Gears
Engine Size
Plated Weight
3500 or 3700
Welcome to the listing for ‘Helga’ our 2002 LHD Hymer B544

157,000km (98,000 miles).

Will be prepped and available for sale to a new owner from 2nd half of April 2024.

First registered in Holland 2002. Imported into UK from Holland 2015. We have owned her since August 2018. ‘Helga’ is fully prepped for off-grid or wild camping and features every possible addition and upgrade.

  • B544: A compact, 3 berth, 6 metre A-class noted for compact WC/shower, end kitchen and large central lounge.
  • Engine: Fiat 2.8 litre 127PS JTD engine 8140.43S mated to 5 speed manual.
  • Chassis: Sevel (Fiat/PSA) x230 FWD Ducato front chassis with crossover x230/244 Alko dual floor galvanised rear with torsion bar and Dunlop air-assist. The ‘winterised’ Alko dual floor option increases storage capacity as well as permitting year round use (water tanks and pipes all in heated space)
  • Maximum mass paper-exercise uprate by SV Tech to 3700kg. It changes rear axle from 1800 to 2000kg. It is straightforward to uprate/downrate with DVLA. Currently back registered as a 3500kg PLG. The uprate permits use of a scooter/small motorbike on a rear carrier.
  • Uprated 150A alternator (2021)
  • No chassis rot, no habitation rot, no leaks
  • MOT to October 2025.
  • 3-berth (sleeps 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children). 3 forward facing belted seats
  • OE LHD
  • Continuously serviced. All belts (inc cam belt, 2021), eight full oil and filter changes in the 30,000miles (50,000km) we have done, other filters and fluids replaced bi-annually. The last five oil and filter replacements were June 2022, Jan 2023, April 2023, Sept 2023 and Jan 2024 (a period of high miles)
  • New front shock absorbers and uprated front springs fitted (2019) and independent air-assist fitted at rear (2022)
  • Lead lined acoustic engine blanket and additional underbonnet and in-cab acoustic insulation
  • Michelin XC crossclimate all season camping tyres all round. All four tyres were replaced in 2023 and all have a 2023 sidewall stamp. Spare is 2018.
  • All habitation mechanical and electrical systems work exactly as they should.
  • Starts instantly


OE - Original equipment - standard Hymer stuff for this model/config in 2002.

  • OE large drop down A-class double bed with new curtains fitted 2020, memory foam mattress & mattress topper, 1700N gas struts replaced in 2021. 3 uprated safety straps. Wood access ladder
  • OE 3 burner SMEV gas hob with safety cut outs. Piezo non functional.
  • OE Large airing cupboard/wardrobe
  • OE Electrolux 3-way fridge with freezer 12V/240V/LPG with piezo auto relight and flame failure devices (fridge overhauled 2022)
  • OE Fixed large table in centre of large seating area, slides laterally to permit access/movement. The table top now needs a new veneer due to stuff falling out of cupboards. The lounge area can comfortably seat up to six adults around table for dinner, cards, drinks etc. This is one of the best bits of the 544 with L shape config, it has a very generous lounge with good options for feet up ‘lounging’
  • OE LPG Truma blown air heating and hot water boiler with frost sensor dump valve. Self priming valve replaced 2022.
  • OE Flushing Thetford cartridge WC with SOG system - no chemicals (new seal 2019)
  • OE Hymer power deployed aluminium dual hab access steps
  • OE adjustable, rotating king and queen seats with adjustable armrests. Seats fold down to permit deployment of the drop down bed. Fully reupholstered in leather 2020.
  • OE Space saver shower cubicle doubles as WC via dual function mirror divider and rotating WC seat. Entire shower/WC room resealed 2019, Mirror stripped and reattached with new PU adhesive 2019. Sink drain pipes replaced 2019, elevating roof vent, blind & flyscreen replaced 2021
  • OE Hymer elevating 900mm central roof light with blind and mosquito net
  • OE 120ltr fresh and 120ltr waste water tanks in heated space. New OE water pump (2019). Spare new water pump.
  • OE Schaudt Elektroblock (EBL). The EBL is the old-tech OE hab 12V distribution/fuse panel, EHU-powered 240V/12V transformer, lead acid battery charger and signal source for the OE 12V status display panel. Replaced in 2018
  • OE Full size single bed in aisle is created via an aluminium-framed extending bench seat
  • Loads of OE storage - 9x overhead cupboards, 3x under bench seat storage, one accessible from outside, food cupboard/larder, large wardrobe/airing cupboard, shoe rack, and huge underfloor storage area inc full width ski locker accessed by 4x external skirt lockers.
  • OE access hatches to the floorspace. Inspection/service hatches for the fresh and waste water tanks, pump, plug drain and level sensors, and to permit spare wheel inspection and removal.
  • OE starter and house analogue voltage level display, 12V current load indication and fresh and grey water tank level status displays
  • OE main grey drain valve & winter storage drain down valves in corner of ski locker.
  • OE kitchen LPG gas distribution/isolation rail
  • OE Hymer storage cubbies and Fiat glovebox
  • OE accordian type blinds on all cab windows
  • OE amplified analogue antenna
  • OE Drinks bar with bottle rack
  • OE All hab windows double glazed with blinds and mosquito nets
  • OE integrated kitchen extraction fan
  • OE external access/step light
  • OE Electric headlight adjustment
  • OE Electric mirrors
  • OE Electric drivers window
  • OE Triple windscreen wipers each with quad wash jets (new blades 2022)
  • OE Spare wheel, brace, jack, awning deployment tool, stabiliser deployment tool.
  • OE Ski storage (full width heated rear locker)
  • OE lockable door to the LPG system
  • OE twin horns (replaced 2022)

OSE - Originally specified optional or additional equipment, Extras or config ordered from Hymer or the AD with this motorhome at time of purchase.

  • OSE Twin 11kg (total 22kg) bottle Gaslow refillable LPG system - can be refilled UK and europe-wide at filling stations with LPG. Lasts 2 weeks in deep winter, 3 months in full summer. Aftermarket in-cab LED dual LPG tank status indicator displays
  • OSE additional security on hab door - Yale barrel lock
  • OSE hardwired CO/knockout gas/methane alarm with variable sensor and key switch
  • OSE aftermarket cruise control (stoped working Dec 2023 - light comes on but cruise not engaging)
  • OSE Original rear view camera (remains wired but not now connected as there are 2 newer cameras, 3 rear cameras in total)
  • OSE lockable separate external Gaslow LPG refill port. Various LPG refill adaptors.
  • OSE Thule Omnister 5000 4m x 2.5m awning - new crank gearbox fitted 2022
  • OSE SOG WC activated vent/filter system (no need for chemicals in black tank)
  • OSE Rear drop down stabilisers and deployment tool (not sure if OE or OSE)
  • OSE underbonnet battery isolator switch

Additional upgrades subsequently done since first registration in Holland, or since import to UK 2015, or, and in main, by us since 2018. If the year when done is known it is stated, and If done since 2018 (i.e by us), there will
be a receipt in the history file. Done to prepare the camper for use as a full time home through a hard winter while we looked for new property on the continent post sale of our UK house in October 2022.

In words of 2 Unlimited - get ready for this!

  • No ancient, worn out and stinky old fabrics - Full leather interior. Two tone coffee and light stone diamond pattern aniline leather with matching leather cushions (2020). Matching light stone-coloured curtains (2020)
  • No collapsed/sagging front suspension - Uprated front springs & new front dampers (2019)
  • No boneshaking Alko ride - Dunlop air-springs assisting the Alko torsion bar at the rear (2022). Significantly improves ride and stability. Makes it a little easier to level when parked. System comprises:
    • On board hardwired high power compressor & air reservoir
    • Ignition switched relay & 25A compressor fuse
    • Twin analogue pressure displays with raise and lower buttons integrated into a DIN-size control panel (in the old radio slot).
    • Independent left/right pressure/ride height/levelling control.
    • Dunlop purpose designed (for x244 Alko) heavy duty stainless steel chassis and swing arm stainless steel adaptor plates and air springs
  • Solar-powered hab AC - Ceiling mounted Truma Aventa Compact air conditioner with remote. Replaced the tired, noisy OSE EHU-only Telair ‘Silent’ unit in 2021. Works from EHU, engine, solar or just the house batteries. In summer it will run off leisure batteries and solar.
  • Professionally installed Meta alarm system (2022). Sensors on both doors, underseat access locker, bonnet sensor and shock and internal movement sensors. Two remotes. Thatcham certificate.
  • Thetford integrated gas oven/grill with piezo ignition.
  • Thule Omnistor 3.5m x 2.5m safari room (circa 2012). Attaches to the Omnistor awning and uses sturdy sectional aluminium bracing posts. Creates an additional 18 cubic metres of light & waterproof internal space. Complete with:
    • curtains
    • rubberised groundsheet
    • van side windbreak
    • telescopic central brace pole (prevents water pooling)
    • Ground anchors/pegs and additional guy ropes
    • The door section or alternatively the entire front panel can be rolled up
  • Detachable heavy duty (150kg capacity) chassis mounted scooter/motorbike/multi ebike configurable carrier system. Comprises:
    • removable tie bar
    • light bar
    • motorbike/scooter tray with wheel security loop
    • multi electric bike carrier trays
    • scooter/motorbike loading ramp
    • mounting system/ratchet straps (2018)
  • Fiamma high level rear bike carrier modified for high level mounting and cut down to carry two normal (light) push bikes above scooter/motorbike or e-bikes on the heavy duty chassis-mounted carrier (2020).
  • Fully integrated onboard off-grid 240V system: Roof solar, Solar/B2B MPPT charger, lithium batteries & PSW inverter hard-wired to 240V distribution board serving the socket outlets, i.e. AC, fridge, satellite decoder/TV/microwave etc. Silent system eliminates need for noisy generator. System comprises:
    • High output solar system: 6 x Renogy 100W rigid panels with cooling air gap on roof (Total power 600W). 4mm external grade cables and MC4 IP67 connections on exterior. 6mm copper to B2B. 40A isolator/breaker (2022)
    • Renogy B2B/Solar 50A Solar & alternator intelligent MPPT charge controller (2022). Hardwired & protected with 2 x 60A MIDI fuses. 4 charge modes:
      • Can simultaneously feed 25A from alternator and up to 25A from solar array (for a total up to 50A) when engine running in daylight.
      • Without engine running it can take the maximum output from the solar panels, the installed panels can deliver a maximum of approx 29.4A @ 20.2V (600W)
      • In darkness (no available solar power) the system will charge the leisure batteries at 50A from the alternator alone, even at engine idle (alternator is uprated to 150A and gives 85A at idle)
      • In very low light conditions, (i.e, dusk, heavy cloud, deep winter), the panels can be isolated via switch. This fools the B2B into believing it to be dark, so it then charges at 50A from the alternator with engine running

  • 2 x 100ah state-of-art Renogy LiFePo house batteries with integral BMS, shunt and bluetooth (2022). Comprehensive smartphone (via app) status display (for both batteries) of:
    • capacity status in Ah and %
    • charge current
    • discharge current
    • estimated time remaining at current load
    • estimated time to charge at current load/charge status
    • individual cell and overall voltage
    • battery temperature
    • All above accessed via app.
  • Hardwired to 2kW Renogy Inverter (2022)
  • Renogy Pure Sine Wave auto switching 2000W inverter (2022). Hardwired to 240V distribution panel via 13A plug and EHU changeover/isolation switch. Various 240V MCB in panel.
  • Remote panel mounted inverter switch & status LED (2022)
  • Remote panel mounted intelligent charging B2B/battery status digital display panel displaying:
    • starter and house battery voltage
    • house battery and B2B charger temperature
    • charge amps from solar and/or alternator (when engine running)
    • charge kW and total kWhr supplied (2022)
  • EHU/Invertor 240V changeover/isolation switch (2021).
    • Position 1 - Wild Camp/Off grid mode: 240V ON. All 240V systems can be turned on, 2kW max load, powered by Inverter. EHU isolated.
    • Position 2 - 240V Hook-Up mode (ie campsite EHU): All 240V on and all powered by grid/EHU incomer. Inverter isolated.
    • Position 0 - Winter storage undercover/trickle charge mode: All 240V isolated from both EHU incomer and Inverter. Only EBL 240/12V charger circuit operable
    • In all 3 positions, if EHU is connected, the lead acid starter battery will charge via the 240/12V transformer in the OEM Electroblock, and once the leisure battery is at full charge, the B2B will maintain the lithium batteries from the starter battery connection using lithium charge profile - being ‘on charge’ via EHU raises starter battery voltage and makes the B2B think the engine is running, it thus charges the lithiums via the correct charge profile.
  • 50A ideal diode (2022) located with the B2B under passenger seat in location of old lead acid leisure battery, in series with the OE 50A habitation fuse.
    • Simple integration of old and new electrical systems.
    • The diode permits the lithium leisure batteries to power all 12V electrics through the OE Schaudt Elektroblock (EBL) and the OE 50A habitation fuse.
    • However, the diode does not allow the EBL’s integrated 240V transformer/12V charger to directly charge the lithium batteries (when on EHU), or the alternator to charge the lithium batteries via the EBL and OE split charge relay as this would damage wiring, EBL and/or alternator.
    • The diode thus protects both old tech EBL and new tech lithium batteries.
    • The EBL’s leisure battery volt sensor lead and its 2A fuse is also integrated, thus the OE analogue 12V status display panels all still function as they should.
  • All functions of the OE EBL are retained and integrated in the new set up, all functions remain fully protected, serviceable and robust.
  • High power Hi Fi and home cinema - Sound system/Multimedia (2020) comprising:
    • Head unit - Kenwood DMX7018 DABS with DAB digital radio, Apple Car Play etc all housed in custom binnacle.
    • Amplifier - 2000W 5CH Rockford Fosgate (RF) with remote switch and remote input selector.
    • Subwoofer - 200W RF with remote punch.
    • Speakers - 10 x RF (2 x 5x5 4 x 9x6 and 4 x high level tweeters)
    • Selector switching between the head unit or the TV source for on-board home cinema.
  • In addition to the Kenwood head unit, the custom cab binnacle also houses:
    • twin reversing camera displays
    • remote phone microphone
    • fan switches
    • twin USB output
    • 12V outlet
    • phone connection lead
    • master power switch (all 2020)
  • Oyster roof mounted self seeking satellite system (circa 2010, new controller 2017). System comprises:
    • Roof mounted automatic self seeking 60cm dish system
    • Oyster controller and control panel
    • auto-retract on engine on
    • Manhattan digital satellite TV decoder on bespoke shelf with remote
    • 24” Samsung smart LED TV on adjustable TV bracket with remote (2019). Installed apps include Amazon, YouTube etc.
    • Audio feed to amplifier via headphone jack and 3.5mm ground loop noise suppression filter (2020)
  • New, professionally installed Clifford r/c alarm with 2 fobs (2022)
  • New, through bolted Yale YSEM/250/EG1 certified maximum security safe
    • motorised triple lock bar
    • ‘Sold secure’ certified
    • Anti drill plates
    • double bitted master key (2022)
    • 4mm solid steel door
  • Hard wired automatic Garmin dash cam with pro-quality 128gb SD card, app control and multi auto functions (2021)
  • Fitted microwave - installed in repurposed high level Cathode Ray TV cabinet: Hotpoint curve touchpad 240V 700W cube microwave (2021) integrated into old CRT TV cabinet and using old 240V TV socket, retaining roll down door and using slide out. As with all on board 240V, works off grid via inverter and batteries.
  • Additional acoustic insulation under cab carpets and in engine bay (2019) including lead engine blanket
  • Silent 12V turbo vent system above kitchen, tinted motorised hatch and thermal blind. Effective at dumping heat before using the AC to chill things off as the sun goes down (Replaced the worn out OSE elevating roof light turbo fan in 2022).
  • New WC elevating roof vent with integrated mosquito net and blackout screen - replaced worn out & UV damaged OE WC roof vent (2022).
  • All OE external plastic fittings were replaced as part of a general freshen up of the exterior. New locker catches, drip covers, fridge vent covers etc (2020)
  • Refreshed paint on all side skirts, lockers and bumpers forming the lower ¼ of the van (2020). Colour is a 1970s Aston Martin colour, Old English Pewter. I had it spare from a car restoration and thought it might look cool on the van.
  • Fresh white paint on the entire front (cab) panel (2020) - like some campers of this age the front panel paint was showing UV degradation/yellowing.
  • New OE Hymer hab door seal - replaced damaged/aged/corroded original seal (2020)
  • Additional concealed/recessed mood lighting under drop down bed (2020)
  • Tyre pressure gauge and tyre inflation system using the on board air suspension compressor and reservoir (2022) - this is extremely handy as very few filling station air lines can reach the 80psi that the rear XC camping tyres require, and the cheap 12V cigarette lighter powered compressors will burn out long before achieving motorhome tyre pressures. The system makes it easy to adjust the tyre pressures, you can drop the fronts to 30psi to help get out of a campsite field then charge them back up to 80psi in ten minutes.
  • Additional recessed lighting above kitchenette area (2020)
  • LED lighting (2018)
  • Powder fire extinguisher
  • Fixed bin with removable liner (2023).
  • Internal and external temperature display (2019)
  • Cup and plate dividers to stop rattles (2021)
  • Fold down dual function coffee mug or bottle holders for driver and passenger
  • X & Y axis spirit levels
  • Wine bottle holders in larder (2019)
  • Glass holders in cupboard (2020)
  • Digital antenna (2020)
  • Twin high flow driver and passenger oscillating fans with binnacle switches
  • On board water extraction & Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification system (2022): When wild/off grid camping in a camper or Motorhome, water is always the limitation. Not for Helga. System comprises:
    • 20m (65ft) transfer umbilical made up of:
      • suction pipe with strainer (drop in any river, lake, stream or even the sea)
      • 12V (4 bar) self priming lift pump
      • 20m 12V power cord (actually the 240V EHU lead which dual purposes - IP65 adaptors either end connect to pump and convert to 12V plug connecting to 12V outlet on binnacle)
      • 20m PE IP supply pipe
      • 20m RO discharge pipe (actually the tap water filling pipe which dual purposes using standard garden hosepipe water fittings and adaptors)
    • Runs to any nearby source of water. The system will even process seawater, though the best source is a small freshwater stream or river.
    • The umbilical supplies the RO system which comprises:
      • 3 sediment pre-filters
      • high pressure (9 bar) RO membrane pump
      • 50gpd 6-stage RO filter
      • 2 conditioning filters (all filters and membrane renewed Sept 2022)
    • The system fills the fresh water tank with purified & safe to drink water.
  • As the 3-way fridge can be solar powered during daylight in summer, and as a microwave is present to reheat food, the on board twin tank LPG supplying cooking facilities and hot water boiler can last for months in summer. If sufficient food supplies are available, off grid or wild camping for long periods is possible with this camper.
Coming with the van will be
  • Everything described above, most of which is fixed or fitted to the van.
  • A thick history file with the service history, manuals for all on board systems, receipts for all work done and receipts for all components, systems and materials purchased
  • Spare new Valeo 120A alternator (2021).
  • 3 sets of 4 keys. Each consisting:
    • door, locker & services key (both access doors, water/fuel/ehu & 6 external lockers all use the same key)
    • coded ignition key
    • Yale habitation door key
    • LPG refill port key.
  • High quality Silver Screens multi layer bespoke full wrap windscreen and side window thermal screen, complete coverage of all cab windows. Comes in three parts, zips together and secured by door and window.
  • Full cover breathable, waterproof ‘Kampa’ storage cover with four zips, straps and its own storage bag (2018)
  • E-bike carrier trays (for reconfiguring the heavy duty chassis-carrier from motorbike/scooter to electric bikes)
  • Motorbike/scooter or 2 x push bike waterproof cover with red/white warning sign as required in some EU countries (2022)
  • 15m + 5m silicone (non kink, non split) water filling hoses (2018) with various fittings to connect together and to any tap. Doubles as part of the water purification system.
  • 20m 13A external EHU hook up cable with domestic plug adaptor. Doubles as part of the water purification system.
  • 3m 50mm grey drain divert hose. Surprisingly useful for sending grey water to hedge or drain (when appropriate) - removing the need to dismantle awning tent just to move a few metres to empty grey tank where fresh water is available on site.
  • Full set of spare LED rear electrics for a trailer, a project I never got round to.
  • Foldaway camp table with 4 integrated chairs and sunshade
  • Warning triangle, bulb kit, full set of spare fuses and relays inc blade, midi etc. Even a spare ANL 180A fuse and a spare 50A ideal diode
  • Snow chains
  • Various EU country LPG refill adaptors
  • Whistling gas kettle

Bad bits - she is 22 yrs old in 2024
  • One or two wild camping very minor dings to body and awning case (see photos)
  • Fixed main table now has a few dings in surface. Needs a new veneer.
  • Front bumper is a little bashed when a park bench hit it (yes you read that right, it was a storm). It’s not really bad. It’s cracked at the bottom and two attachment points are damaged. It has been temp (on the road) repaired by me with fibreglass so the van can still be safely driven around but a professional repair is needed.
  • Edge damage to laminated wood black tank support plinth from an old water leak remains as inherited. Does not affect function or integrity and is long dry.
  • The awning has 2 small holes at edge and the housing end caps are missing. However the critical functional element - the wind out gearset - was replaced (2022), the support leg pivots upgraded from the OE aluminium rivets to steel bolts (2022) and it works perfectly with the safari room and keeps the room dry.
  • The veneer on the lower 20% of the forward facing section of the base of the left side bench is delaminated/damaged at the cab end, likely due to some old lead acid hab batteries off-gassing many years ago. Remains as we inherited it.
  • Front fogs have stopped working this winter (not MOT failure).
  • Driving stowage clip for sink/shower screen long ago broken off - we have always used a bungee to secure the sink when driving. Also in the shower room the small blue swing out soap trays have always been missing.
  • The plastic cover over the drivers seat arm adjustment knob is damaged. Doesn’t affect function.
  • Other much more minor signs of wear and tear, nothing affecting comfort or functionality.
  • Exhaust had to be patch welded for the last MOT.
Though she is unavoidably an old bus, she is not worn out or chronically outdated. Much maintenance and
uprating/updating has been done. There is no chassis corrosion, no leaks and all habitation systems and engine and powertrain all remain in very good condition. We lived in this van through two continental winters, never needing an electrical hook up, even using microwave, air fryer, hairdryer, TV and a decent sound system with high power amplifier and subwoofer every day. We were very often in French aries, sitting silent, with 240V lighting, multiple screens, our little home cinema with 200W sub, lit up with LED like a Christmas tree, parked next to other campers sitting either in darkness or running a noisy generator to keep the lights on… I cannot think of a single additional thing this camper might benefit from.

If interested give me a call on 0033 (0)767422190. This originally Dutch, but now UK registered LHD van will be in Northern France until end April when it will be brought back to UK, throughly cleaned and offered for sale.

Latest questions

Hello what a smashing motorhome is it still for sale and I think I read it could be available for viewing in the UK fairly soon is this still the case?
Regards Paul
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Sorry but No. It will be in UK as part of a visit for about a week in late september early october but not available to view. It will be emptied/cleaned/prepped and made available for sale in 3-6 months. We are currently living in it.
Paul Leon
Paul Leon
Ok that’s fair enough but please let me know when Wlima is available for sale as I ‘m very interested.
‘Helga’ wil be put up for sale when we have bought a property in France and successfully moved there. The advert went live in July when we exchanged on a property but it fell through about a month ago so now we are back at square one. Sadly it might be six months or even more as we don’t know when we will find a new place, and when we do it takes 3-4 months mininum to buy a commercial property over here. I should remove the ad really as there are many who have been interested and I have to put off.
"Dawsey" a bit of a stupid question, but all the electronic info whizzed overhead. On a summers day in a warm part of Spain, how long would the power last for the A/C. I love the heat, but my dog is less keen. I prefer wild camping to the touristy spots so I'm trying to work out how long I could camp wild in summer if I used A/c at night. Thanks
Yes the van is good.
Dawsey thats a beautifull van
Ha, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! - I personally find almost every motor home hideous, including mine. They are functional things, this one is no exception :)
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