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I fitted this Gas-it gas level sender and gauge when I installed our underslung LPG tank, but I have been using a Mopeka bluetooth sensor for a while now
and as the gauge was in the way of where I wanted to mount something else, I have removed it and see little sense of refitting it as I have the Mopeka as well.

All working fine when I removed it. Here's a link for more info on the Gas-it website.

£30 plus delivery at cost.



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If this is still available I would like to buy it
Two on Tour
Two on Tour
Hi Dandm , Dorwyn is going to persevere with his Morpeka sensor, so the Gas-it gauge is yours.
As your in the UK, the postage comes out at £2.50.
Please PM me if that's okay and your details for delivery.
Is this still available, is it easy to fit, and does it involve interfering with the gas supply or does it just fit on the tank. I have a Morpeka but can't get it to fit on the tank securely. Any advice on that, as it seems yours is working.
Two on Tour
Two on Tour
Hi Dorwyn Yes still available and easy to fit.
The gauge sender mounts externally on the tank by a couple of screw. If you already have the mechanical gauge fitted, then remove that and fit this one in it's place. No need to turn off the gas or interfere with it in any way.
Wire is simple as per the "Product Tech" sheet above.

I'll PM you details of my Mopeka setup.
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