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Thought i would put t his up on here in case of any interest. The car is a neighbour of mines who sadly has health issues that mean he can no longer drive this car. It is a manual with overdrive , no power steering. Since I’ve known it hood has been replaced along with full interior retrim in leather. It is every bit as good as it looks in pictures, he wants the original registration to stay with car,EMY 100. Although the car is mot exempt he has it tested every year to ensure all is ok. If any interest contact me and I will help answer any questions. It will not be advertised on autotrader etc as I don’t want the usual tyre kickers bothering him. He is the one in the buggy in background AEA85F6B-8FA9-4BAF-AEE8-B86E7E2D25CD.jpeg BDD9A0F6-E859-4809-8177-D7662D379306.jpeg 8162F174-E80F-4B52-9C89-2A5210775E2F.jpeg A1901AC8-4BE0-4D2D-AE46-799F4465DF32.jpeg
Just to clarify I spoke to my neighbour today, the car is a genuine Ford build. The raw body being shipped to Coventry Bodies with kit of panels for them to modify the body in white. The modified body then sent back to Ford for them to complete the build. It is not an aftermarket conversion.
Brad has reduced to £18950 ono
The car was used on an episode of Heartbeat years ago😂
Just to add to detail from questions asked
He has owned since 2006
Full body restoration and paint in 2005
Engine rebuilt in 2005
Gearbox rebuilt in Brads ownership, it is manual with overdrive
Front suspension rebuilt with disc brake conversion
rear shocks are the adjustable type.
Hood can have the front section open only and this is manually operated, once the front section is open the rear is operated by electro/hydraulic
Had chap view car at weekend, professional motor trader who has a Zephyr. Could not find fault with vehicle other than too purple for him. As paint too good to change decided against it. However is prepared to give his unb professional opinion if any one wants it . Contact me for his details if you want unbiased view on car
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If you can give me a contact number i will share to my ford mk11 club
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Thanks, we have someone interested in coming to view,but useful in case they decide not to buy. Use my number of 07712 042466.
thanks for your help
Nice but I have no room for it.
Just for clarity, is it in Rugby or Castle Douglas?
Hi, yes straight 6. I can go down and get some tomorrow if you want
Yes please if not to much troubl
Brad sent me up an old pic he had, couldn’t add to reply so put it on the main details. Cleaner now but car is covered in garage, he has not been that well lately so didn’t want to disturb him. Hope this ok
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