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Fantastic Ford Transit Custom "Van"... less than 37k on the clock (Genuine)..

I am the second owner, the first was Northumberland Water, so only driven to a hole in the road and back to the yard.. (Hence extremely low mileage.).. and as with most utility`s... serviced regularly needed or not.. (I do NOT have any service records.)

It was serviced by Eden Commercials when I bought it... (Less than 500 miles ago)

Outside is very tidy, inside cab very neat and tidy, with radio and blue tooth..

Rear is fully boarded reasonably tidy, (But it is/was a work horse.) with 4 internal lights.. Will leave the gold llama rug... but NOT the packing cases as they are sold..

Electric windows... Front locking and all round locking doors with security locks..

It is a superb vehicle to drive, and economical... with 3 belted seats to the front..

Best bit and which makes it an as new to drive vehicle is..... It has a speed restrictor fitted and will not go above 72 MPH... which is why it has NOT been thrashed..

MOT runs out in Sept... but if possible and if it can be done I will get a fresh MOT done..

Asking £11.500 o.v.n.o.

Any questions... PM.. me..

Thanks for looking..
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