For sale Fiat Alko chassis Armitage folding bike/scooter rack

Immaculate & rebuilt by Armitage last year using all brand new parts
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Armitage Alko chassis motorcycle/cycle rack regarded as being one of the best in the Motorhome world, on enquiring these now are £1850 so quite a big saving of £1000

Its immaculate galvanised and powder coated condition and comes with everything you need inc the chassis brackets and nuts n bolts

I had the Running LED lights fitted as an extra which were £100, these look great btw. Also 4 x 75mm heavy duty but light dual rollers were fitted at the very bottom to stop anything grounding, these can be seen on the bottom photo

When not needed or in use, the rack itself can be removed in minutes leaving the chassis rail mounts, very easily and wheeled away for storage in the garage or shed

I doubt you can purchase a better rack which is honestly mint condition, comes with everything you need including all the wiring harness and 19 pin connector

£850 or very close offer, it has to go now

Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 10.58.01.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-12 at 10.58.18.png
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Hi, does this come with a wider scooter channel, I can only see cycle channels in the photos?
Al n Val
Al n Val

I didn't bother with the scooter panel as only had bikes but made sure that if i did get a scooter this rack was capable of carrying one. There is a chap in Lancashire who sells them for 40 quid and i've spoken to him and he has them.

I'd allow you a discount if you wanted to purchase the rack and then get yourself a scooter panel

Ok, thanks. I've only just started looking and this rack is right at the top end of my budget but I'll keep it in mind 👍
Al n Val
Al n Val
its £1850 now from Armitages so hopefully this will tell you its at the very top of motorhome racks, I never skimp on things ever
Hello, Would you please tell me what the center to center of the locating arms that go into the chassis receivers are, and the outside size of the box section they are made of.
Within a little I would be able to alter it, as I do not have the same type of vehicle.
Please tell me the maximum weight it can carry.
Kindest regard,
Al n Val
Al n Val
hi Trevor

i’m just in hospital after having an hernia op this morning so when home possibly in the morning i’ll take the measurements for you, that said the rack actual mounts on more or less any chassis width and you then just adjust the light bar holes and bolt it back on.
The cycle stabiliser frame is on a sliding pole so can be adjusted to any width

I was told by Armitages that it will carry 180kgs

it’s a great rack in more or less brand new condition Trevor

cheers and i’ll get those measurements for you asap

Al 👍
Al n Val
Al n Val
hi Trevor

1417mm is what i have just measured as being the chassis section width centre to centre but that is completely adjustable.

I was present when the rack was actually fitted and each side is bolted to the chassis rail separately, once each side is fitted the cross rails are then fitted to square and stabilise the rack up, the cycle/motor cycle rails are then drilled and fitted to suit the width as each and every installation will be different with different make and models. I'm pretty certain this rack will fit any motorhome.

cheers and please let me know if you need any more info

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