For sale Fiamma Awning Rafter, Kampa Travel Pod Maxi XL, Cool my Camper

£15.00 to £325.00

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Fiamma Awning Rafter, does what it says on the packet, comes without packet so you'll have to scratch your head to think what it might have said, had it come with the packet.
Price £15
Collection from Clacton on Sea, though I will be going up to Manchester in three weeks, so could meet 'en route' - if you don't understand 'en route' then you should get out in your Motorhome more ... :giggle: :giggle:

Also selling Cool My Camper, I had a member interested in it but he hasn't contacted me for over a week, so it's now up for sale, it's boxed and fully working and delivers what I assume is French Air as that's where we bought it, so you will be able to smell the garlic and red wine as it cools your camper (or Motorhome of course) - there is no guarantee that it will create the 'Ambience Francais' or in fact smell anything like garlic or red wine though, I just said that to keep you interested.
It's still boxed (tatty box) but def does work and this definitely does what it says in the box, but my French isn't that good, so perhaps it doesn't ? As a bonus I will be adding a UK adapter so that you don't have to go to France to see if it works ..
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