For sale Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor - The Rolls Royce of Safety Razors

Wet Shaving is therapeutic and everybody should try it :-)
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For sale is my fantastic Feather AS-D2 Safety Razor, what can I say about these razors? Simply put, these razors are a work of art, just read the reviews! Made in Japan by a company famous for many years of blade making this is widely regarded as the Rolls Royce of safety razors and it is a fantastic piece of engineering, holding the blade perfectly every time.

The razor has hardly been used* and I am only selling as I prefer a more aggressive angle and the Feather AS-D2 gives a mild shave, ideal for anybody with sensitive skin or for use as a daily driver (I am retired now so no longer feel it necessary to shave daily)

*For anybody worried about a second hand razor just think about the number times you have been to a barbers and they have gone from one customer to your own barnet without sterilizing the shears :cool:

It's had extremely light use and it's been cleaned after each shave so it's in pristine condition with the exception of an unfortunate (tiny) mark from when I dropped the parts into the sink when cleaning (see the pictures below)

The razor comes in a nice presentation box with a certificate of authenticity and 5 new Feather blades.

I will also include a 150g tub of Taylor of Old Bond Street's "Sandalwood" shaving cream which is often voted the best cream out there*

*Please note that I have tried the cream a couple of times but SWMBO doesn't like the fragrance. I always take a scraping of cream into a shaving bowl so the cream can be considered to be as new i.e. my shaving brush has never been in contact with it.

Collection welcome in Hawarden near Chester but I'm happy to post the two items to you.

The Feather AS-D2 does not include a stand but these are now available to buy directly from Feather (or stockists) if you want one. I have always used a Benny's razor stand and found this to be perfectly adequate for the job.

From a pet and smoke free home

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Weight: 91g
Length: 98mm
Handle Diameter 11.1mm
Handle Length: 92mm

Made in Japan by the Feather Safety Razor Co. Ltd.
The knurled handle has a nice deep knurl to ensure a firm grip.
The face has 'FEATHER ALL STAINLESS RAZOR' etch washed into the face.

Internally the top plate has raised corners that the blade sits in, the demanding tolerances Feather use ensures the blade sits exactly bang on centre to give an even blade exposure on either side of the cutting head.
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