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These help you stabilise your bike. Good for people coming back to cycling for the first time since they left school! Or if you are just a bit nervous about falling off, or if your sense of balance is not as good as it was. They will fit most bikes including electric and folding ones. And they have a quick release system to remove the wheels and springs quickly leaving just the main frame on the bike. Useful when you want to fold the bike up or use it without them on.

These have hardly been used, so are in very good condition and come with instructions as to how to fit and use them.

Unlike cheaper versions they have a spring structure that allows you to naturally "lean" the bike when turning a corner. I don't have any photo of them on the bike so here is a stock photo.

EZ trainer.jpg

More information can be found at this website. And you can also see how much they cost!

You will see on their website that there are two sizes, for different sized bikes, but the only difference is the size of the wheels on the trainer. I have only one frame but have both sizes of wheels so I effectively have both versions they have on sale. The smaller wheels are for bikes with 16" to 20" wheels. The larger wheels are for bikes with 24" to 29" wheels. I also have the quick release "skewer" they show on the website, although I never needed to use it.

Please note I will not be able to safely wrap it all up to post so it is collection only from Tunbridge Wells in Kent please. Or I may be able to meet you on our travels. Next week (7 October) we are in Canterbury and the beginning of November we are going to Alde in Wellingborough, then Becks in Norfolk, and then maybe up to SAP at Doncaster. But the way that Covid is going those plans may well change!
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